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Good Kings Bad Kings Read Ê 8 ↠ [Ebook] ➠ Good Kings Bad Kings Author Susan Nussbaum – Bellwether Award winner Susan Nussbaum’s powerful novel invites us into the lives of a group of typical teenagers—alienated funny yearning for autonomy—except that they live in an institution fo Bellwether Award winner SOr juveniles with disabilities This unfamiliar isolated landscape is much the same as the world outside friendships are forged trust is built love affairs are kindled and rules are broken But those who call it home. 4255starsAmazing book with amazing disability rep for my disability in literature course for grad school

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Have little or no control over their fate Good Kings Bad Kings challenges our definitions of what it means to be disabled in a story told with remarkable authenticity and in voices that resound with humor and spir. Writing this review wasn't easy for me because reading this book felt very personal In my life prior to my current career I've worked in a lot of nursing homes and one center for independent living I worked with adults for a long time before finally finding school psychology My life experience had a great impact on how I reacted to this book Let's start with the characters With the exception of one non perspective character I have worked with every single one of these characters While to others the characters may seem hamfisted to others I can say from experience that they all rang very true to me The stories told by the teenagers and young adults were not stories I'd heard until I worked at the CIL center The characters really make this book because they tie together the narrative They're all well written and fully developed complex and human The character who most impressed me was Michelle and not because I think she's an admirable character I think it's because she is the average reader of this book She's an important perspective because the whole idea that institutionalization is for the good of the disabled is seen by many and acceptable ableism It's not that Michelle has this blinding revelation that changes her perspective but it's that small realization that something isn't right with the system I think one of the reasons Michelle made me so angry is that a part of me knows I thought like that at one point The beauty of this book is it's ability to evoke strong emotions without being overly sentimental or unrealistic The characters are people telling their story it's clearly their narratives without moralizing What also made this book harder to review was that this was a book that evoked a lot of feelings from me And feelings are hard to review This book spoke to me and it's a conversation that needs to happen

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Good Kings Bad KingsBellwether Award winner Susan Nussbaum’s powerful novel invites us into the lives of a group of typical teenagers alienated funny yearning Good Kings PDFEPUBfor autonomy except that they live in an institution f. Book club read #4 Feb 2017not only shines a light on a segment of society often ignored in art as well as life but also a really great read The Washington PostMore than shines a light this book exposes what's wrong and what is right with the whole system specifically nursing homes for disabled children Kids are abused neglected some die even one is too many and others grow up within the system hoping some day their lives might go back to normal on the outside just wanting what every other kid wants To have fun be loved get a job feel valued get married and move into an apartmentBecause this home has the misfortune of also being located in Illinois where I live where no matter who they elect to be governor they can't seem to pass a state budget or pay the bills this place is probably disadvantaged than others I can only imagineSusan Nussbaum's debut is an amazing success She manages to tell a sad story with a sense of humor and compassion Loved it