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PDF · BOOK Digging In ↠ ✮ [PDF] ✩ Digging In By Loretta Nyhan ✻ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Listening Length 7 hours and 18 minutes In author Loretta Nyhan’s warm witty and wonderful novel a widow discovers an unexpected chance to start over—right in her own backyardPaige Moresco found h Listening Length hours and minutes In Age son Her house is a wreck the grass is overrun with weeds and she’s at risk of losing her job As Paige stares at her neglected lawn she knows she’s hit rock bottom So she does something entirely unexpected she begins to digAs the hole gets bigger Paige decides to turn her entire yard into a vegetable garden The neighbors in her tidy gated com Based solely on the blurb I figured that Digging In would be a fairly heavy read following Paige as she works through her grief after losing her husband While grief is definitely at the core of this novel it wasn’t depressing or bleak instead it was full of humor wit and heart which was just such a breath of fresh airSadly Nyhan lost her own husband so she has firsthand experience in the way a widow may feel and behave and while she acknowledges that her situation wasn’t exactly like Paige’s the authenticity is heavily apparent Paige was incredibly well drawn This isn’t a story about a bereaved woman who does everything perfectly and makes no mistakes It’s a realistic portrayal of a woman living the unthinkable who is just doing her best She’s trying and at the end of the day who can’t relate to someone who is simply trying to do their best?This was an effortless read I flew through it and loved every single page Yes there were sad moments especially watching Paige’s son Trey deal with the loss of his father two years on his struggle broke me But ultimately this was full of life vitality and humor the messy side of life the things that aren’t pretty but it was honest and really beautifully doneDigging In in three words Wise Witty and Affecting

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Munity are than a little alarmed Paige knows nothing about gardening and she’s boldly flouting neighborhood association bylaws But with the help of new friends a charming local cop and the transformative power of the soil Paige starts to see potential in the chaos of her life Something big is beginning to take root both in her garden and in hersel I want to scream from the rooftops I love this book What a delightful funny authentic and rather wise story about the healing power of gardening and the struggle to re root yourself after crippling loss Paige is an extraordinary heroine smart funny kind outspoken uirky You feel the rawness of her grief but there's no sentimentality and she has cracking good lines such as I'm trying to bring me back or I pressed the 'Pause' button on life and then lost the remote The supporting cast of characters is eually wonderful and off beat Officer Leprechaun who's first line to Paige had me in hysterics; Trey the teenager who struggles to understand why his mother is tearing up their back yard and refuses to learn how to drive; the grumpy neighbor with his own issues; and Paige's ragtag crew of new friends coworkers in her dysfunctional office and the organic gardener with carrots in her hair If you want to find humor hope and pure entertainment this is the book for you Did I mention that I loved it?

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Digging InListening Length 7 hours and 18 minutes In author Loretta Nyhan’s warm witty and wonderful novel a widow discovers an unexpected chance to start over right in her own backyardPaige Moresco found her true love in eighth grade and lost him two years ago Since his death she’s been sleepwalking through life barely holding on for the sake of her teen Everything can be learned you know? Some people learn sooner others later Not a big deal if the outcome is the sameGuys this book wrecked me I've been a fan of Loretta's writing since her previous novel  All The Good Parts was released I was left itching for of her witty charm and boy did I find it here Her novels are emotional for sure but they still manage to deal with tough themes in an upbeat and hilarious way When I pick up one of her books I feel as though instead of reading the book she's relaying it to me over a glass of wine It gives the impression we're just two good friends curled up on the couch and she's telling me the latest tale that's manifested in her brain It's rare for this to happen for me but when it does these books receive an automatic 5 star rating and glowing reviewBefore I jump into the book itself I think it's important to note that you're getting as authentic of a story as possible when it comes to  Digging In Nyhan has written in detail about the experience on her Goodreads review of this book found here but I'll give you the spark notes version A few years ago the author's husband left to play a round of golf and had a fatal heart attack right on the green She took this experience and turned it into a novel about how to find yourself again when the unthinkable happens and how to work through grief when it feels as if there's nowhere to go from there If you are the type of reader who connects with fiction that is propelled by real experiences this alone should put the book on your TBR That's the beauty of a garden she said Some stuff works some stuff doesn't and some stuff you think isn't working ends up producing the following year Keeps you living in a constant state of suspense so whatever comes you're grateful for itIf you decide to pick up  Digging In you'll find our main character Paige is struggling to cope with the loss of her husband Jesse two years after the tragic car wreck that took his life Her teenage son Trey is struggling in his own way too and the mother son relationship is taking it's toll as well  The struggle is real all around folks Paige has most certainly hit rock bottom when she suffers another tough loss and her job is on the line After a hazy night of weepy drinking she wakes up with a pounding headache and a giant hole in her backyard What follows is a journey of new beginnings new friendships new hobbies new opportunities and new love There is a whole lot of self healing along with a healing that bleeds out into a myriad of other relationships too By the end of the book you're left in a place of healthy hopeful bliss a place only Nyhan could take us toWhile this novel is for everyone I do think a number of seasoned mothers and 40 somethings will really appreciate the themes and connect with the characters There's so much relatable here to the hard working female who has done her job well for decades only to find herself being pushed out by the younger fresh crowd I know the overall theme of grief sounds heavy and depressing but honestly it was a joy to read this story I did shed a few tears but the majority of the novel's tone is upbeat and flat out hilarious I was doubled over laughing I was crying and I was moved I'm not sure what else I could want from a story and for that reason alone I will sing  Digging In's praises from the highest rooftop to anyone who will listen Highly HIGHLY recommended if you enjoy a feel good novel about love and loss Don't forget that this is a Kindle First pick for the month of March 2018; if you're an Prime member that means you can download it this month for free If you're not a prime member it's only 199 3Many thanks to the author for providing my copy