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Crimson DeathTor but hatred gets the job done too And when Anita joins forces with her friend Edward to stop the carnage Damian will be at their side even if it means traveling back to the land where all his nightmares spring froma place that couldn’t be less welcoming to a vampire an assassin and a necromancer Irela. I've always had a love hate relationship with this series and the hateful aspects have come to dominate the way I talk about these books to people So in this review I'm going to attempt to explain why I've stuck with them for this long despite their many many flaws Very briefly horrible pacing overlong didactic conversations and too much tab A slot B sexual descriptionNostalgia First and foremost at one stage this was a fantastic urban fantasy series with some pretty good writing and inventive and rich world building Its always taken a serious look at the law and order aspects of the modern world with open exposure to werewolves and vampires and it does so from the point of view of law enforcement The series has had it's ups and downs though with some really rocky books once Anita gained succubus powers that she couldn't control and another few that ignored the best aspects of the books in favor of introducing far too many unneeded new supernatural aspects rainbow tigersPreternatural Law Enforcement I confess something of a fascination with the US approach of para militarization of the police Hamilton postulates a world where that process is actually necessary to deal with actual threats In Anita's world making sure you're armed if you leave your bedroom isn't just insane gun fondling weirdness; it's actually a rational approach to a clear and present danger It actually shines an interesting contrast on the people who behave like this in the real world though; I very much doubt that most of them are at risk of insane centuries old were assassins breaking into their apartments to kidnap them Beyond just the changes in law and policing that this world necessitates there's usually a lot of SWAT and small unit police action in these books along with crime scenes and back at the precinct action in these which feels well researched I'm not sure if it actually is thoughPolitics Not the vampirewere animal politics; most of that is than tedious I mean the politics of this point of view Anita is religious and probably the biggest gun nut that I can think of in speculative fiction and that includes the MilSF books that raise gun porn to incredible new fetishistic levels In American culture at the moment most of that would go along with some of the most restrictive attitudes towards women and sexuality that typifies the red states Instead we get very positive views of LGBTI issues and one of the few positive portrayals of kink and polyamory outside of actual erotica Anita herself has undergone a change over twenty odd books from a conservative mindset to being part of a bisexual polyamorous group relationship There's a huge focus on the communication and negotiation that would be reuired for that to work And the author is very therapy positive as well with a lot of references to the things that Anita and her people have actively worked on something that's uite realistic given the level of trauma these people suffer on a regular basis All up we get positive points of view of both conservative attitudes towards religion guns and law enforcement and liberal attitudes towards women LGBTI and sexuality and you just don't get many positive things to say about all of that in one place these daysI could talk about characters but I don't think I've got much positive to say about those Thirty page conversations that are meant to take ten minutes while the characters are in a hurry have beaten any love I had for these characters out of me Now all that being said I think I'm just about done with this series The things I like are being drowned by the things I don't and the issues are getting worse not better

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Summary æ Crimson Death á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [Download] ✤ Crimson Death By Laurell K. Hamilton – In her twenty fifth adventure vampire hunter and necromancer Anita Blake learns that evil is in the eye of the beholder Anita has never seen Damian her vampire servant in such a staIn her twenty fifth adventure vampire hunter and necromancer Anita Blake learns that evil is in the eye of the beholder Anita has never seen Damian her vampire servant in such a state The rising sun doesn’t usher in the peaceful death that he desperately needs Instead he’s being bombarded with violent. You know when someone is trying to tell you a story and then they get so fixated on details that don't matter that you forget what the point was And you no longer care You just want out of the conversation so badly that you are willing to set yourself on fire to get away from themThis book is that person telling the storyI just want to know where the hell is the editing team How could they allow such a messy clusterfuck go to printIt's not just the usual BS of having Anita describe what every single character looks like in excruciating detail every single time they are mentioned And it's not even the fact that there are conversations about absolutely nothing and have nothing to do with the overall story that last for up to 40 freaking pages It's not even the ridiculously endless descriptions of every place every body movement every side eye every speculation on motivation ever on the face of the earth Or the complete girl hate that shines through so strongly either a female is a loveradmirer of Anita or she is evil the expression girl trap is endlessly used to describe the manipulations of us evil femalesIt's the complete mess of the whole The stuff I mentioned above takes precedence over the actual story to a point where the story is completely lost and a huge disaster The problemscrimes become secondary to the bullshit and when they are solved it hardly makes sense Most of the uestions are never answered Most of the solutions are ridiculously half assed out of nowhere that makes no sense kind of stuff As a paranormal mystery it totally failsBut I guess the thing is that if someone had taken a red pen to this book before printing it would have either had to be a very bad short story about a bad group of vampires getting caught Or it would have been a very bad short story about polygamous relationship therapy Put together we got a very bad very long mismash of both

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Nightmares and blood sweats And now with Damian at his most vulnerable Anita needs him the most The vampire who created him who subjected him to centuries of torture might be losing control allowing rogue vampires to run wild and break one of their kind’s few strict taboos Some say love is a great motiva. WARNING this review discusses aspects of the book Crimson Death that may be triggering to survivors of rape and sexual abuse So proceed with caution and do not read the bookForget pride optimism is what goes before a fall After hearing that Laurell K Hamilton's latest book was going through the editing wringer I actually began to hope that we might get at least a passable book Not a great one but at least readableAlas my optimism was unwarranted Not only is Crimson Death a truly brain meltingly awful Anita Blake book it may actually be the worst Anita Blake book that Hamilton has written yet It may not be the most plotless or the slowest but this long tedious slog combines all the worst aspects of Hamilton's writing like some kind of bad urban fantasy Voltron as well as the most horrifyingly offensive subplot that I have ever readOne thing to note is that this book is actually like two loosely linked books with 90% of the tedious relationship stuff dumped in the first half of the book and 95% of the tedious slow moving thriller stuff in the second half In the first half Damian is having bloody night sweats and horrible nightmares and like everything else it can only be cured by getting in bed with Anita and Nathaniel After a particularly bad nightmare their otherwise useless little tri suddenly gets a massive power up Also there's other personal drama Nathaniel wants a baby Cynric wants JC to bonk him and so onMeanwhile Edward gets the Irish Gardai to reluctantly invite Anita to Ireland because vampires have started attacking there for the first time ever except not since Damien's former master Moroven has lived there for centuries Anita immediately butts heads with the Gardai and Edward's military buddy Nolan since annoying people is her specialty and begins investigating the local fairies and selkie populace as she tries to figure out whether Moroven is responsible for all this Spoiler she actually never actually accomplishes anything and only makes life harder for the GardaiCrimson Death has all the ualities you would expect from LKH's awful books it has all the relationship melodrama in fighting neediness misogyny whining trashing Asher and Richard and then it has the bad thriller elements misogyny the token hater cop gun fetishization Anita horning in on investigations with her thug suad All of that and are here But there is one thing that sets this book apart from her other booksview spoiler the rapeSimply put there is a scene early in the book when Nathaniel develops new vampire like mind control powers and promptly date rapes Anita and Damian While it's dismissed as accidental he shows no remorse or horror at what he's done only smug glee that he forced a straight man to have sex with him despite Damian's unwillingness to do so To reinforce that he is a raping monster Nathaniel tries to deliberately rape Anita a few scenes later using his new powers The most horrifying aspect of this subplot is that Hamilton never treats it as what it is instead she has Jean Claude congratulate a smug Nathaniel for his power up while one of Nathaniel's victims listens Further Hamilton's ghastly justifications for the rape are nothing short of stomach turning since many of them are eerily similar to real life rapists' justifications Even worse this is only one of THREE rape related scenes it's also revealed that Damian has raped women and Nathaniel argues that Edward's sexually maladjusted traumatized stepson who was revealed to have raped girls in a previous book is expressing perfectly normal sexual attitudes As if that wasn't bad enough Hamilton's entire book is riddled with horrifying attitudes that may make readers goggle in disbelief For instance bisexual men are depicted as sexual predators who constantly try to seduce straight men and Damian is raped into bisexuality after previously being heterosexual hide spoiler