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El Desbarrancadero Free download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ ❅ El Desbarrancadero kindle Epub ❥ Author Fernando Vallejo – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Fernando un escritor colombiano ue vive en México vuelve a su patria de nacimiento para acompañar en sus últimos días a su hermano Darío enfermo de sidaFernando un escritor colombiano ue vive en México vuelve a su patria de nacimiento para acompañar en sus últimos d?. Man oh man I LOVED this book It definitely makes my top 10 It is a long cantankerous bitter rant by a gay Colombian writer who moves back home in order to take care of his gay younger brother dying of AIDS This book may be the funniest one I've ever read I lost count of the number of times I actually LOL'd which usually never happens to me while reading It is just something about that dark paisa humor I just find it hysterical I would follow Edgar and Juancho around reading passages of this book out loud especially all the rants about the Pope being a transvestite dressed in white and worse Also it is always really exciting for me to read books that take place in my neighborhood Part of what makes the humor so great is that it is so despairing The themes in this book aren't really new life is miserable death is horrifying the passage of time is depressing But the narrator's voice is so uniue and angry and full of pain all the witty one liners help make the darker passages feel even brutal It is also a mystery to me how much of the book is non fiction the narrator's name is Fernando after all and there are uite a few other references to previous books he's actually written and published And the photo on the book's cover seems to be an actual photo of Fernando and his beloved brother in younger days I hope for Fernando Vallejo's sake that his mother is not as crazy as she is described in this book and that he didn't actually help euthanize his father Anyway what a great book A true work of art Everyone should read it

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?as a su hermano Darío enfermo de sida Darío se ha instalado en la casa familiar Entre la abundancia de recuerdos so. Very sad story of something we all must live through in our lives losing loved ones Not sure why all the political comments are present would have been a better story without these

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El DesbarrancaderoBresalen los dedicados a su padre ue junto a su hermano Darío es el único miembro de la familia a uien Fernando uier. Much has been said about Fernando Vallejo but it seems that most of what has been said has been said by Vallejo himselfEl desbarrancadero bring us the tale of the last days of his brother Dario who is moving slowly but surely to the kingdom of the dead in an impossible battle against the HIV virusVallejo hates existence existence is a purposeless and painful experience existence is a rapture from our own natural condition that is to not be to exist is to suffer and to suffer is to become a monsterYes he seems to always be saying the same thing but the fury and the constant attacks against everything and everybody just makes his style uniue it also serves to give the readers a notion of the intensity of the love that he has for his brother and the pure desperation that he hates to feel every time death visits himExistence is at the end the worst disease and loneliness his punishment for never dare to die