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Edwin The Northumbrian Thrones #1Ersion of the Anglo Saxon settlers who have forced their way on to British shores over previous centuries arriving first to pillage then to farm and trade and to come to terms with the faith of the Celtic tribes they have driven outThe dramatic story of Northumbria's Christian kings helped give birth to England as a nation English as a language and the adoption of Christianity as the faith of the Engli I won this book through first reads giveaway I really enjoyed reading about this period in English history that I know little of The author did a great job telling this very interesting story I found this time period of England very exciting and was neat reading about the rise in Christianity in England I look forward to reading the rest in this series

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Edwin The Northumbrian Thrones #1 Ebook ☆ 352 pages Download á Edoardo albert ↠ ➿ Edwin The Northumbrian Thrones #1 Free ➶ Author Edoardo Albert – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Debut historical fiction series vividly recreating the rise of the Christian kings of NorthumbriDebut historical fiction series vividly recreating the rise of the Christian kings of Northumbria EnglandIn 604 AD Edwin the deposed king of Northumbria seeks refuge at the court of King Raedwald of East Anglia But Raedwald is urged to kill his guest by Aethelfrith Edwin's usurper As Edwin walks by the shore alone and at bay he is confronted by a mysterious figure the missionary Paulinus who prophesies This skillfully constructed story resurrects Edwin High King of Britain from the 7th century The reader is introduced to Edwin in a seemingly impossible situation He is in exile at the court of a supposed friend when he learns that his life has been sold to the man who already stole his kingdomFrom this inauspicious beginning Edwin goes on to reclaim his kingdom of Northumbria and become High King of all the English kings This idea of a high king is one that most of those around him don't completely understand but Edwin realizes that Britain must be united to survive Once his place is secure he finds a bride who brings with her a Roman priest This leads to the biggest dilemma of Edwin's life When he decides whether or not to accept this new God in favor of the old gods he decides for an entire nationThough this novel tells the story of Edwin's entire reign the focus is on his conversion to Christianity Many conversations take place between Edwin and the priest Paulinus which may disappoint some readers who were expecting in terms of battle and goreNot that violence is in short supply He may become a Christian but Edwin is first and foremost a warrior who does not back away even from impossible odds This novel turns into an odd combination of blood and piety which I suppose is fitting for the time and the king that it is written aboutA well researched novel that successfully brings to life and gives personality to those long dead I recommend Edwin High King of Britain to anyone who is interested in learning about this man who in many ways was ahead of his timeI received this novel from NetGalley in return for an honest review

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That he will become High King of Britain It is a turning pointThrough battles and astute political alliances Edwin rises to power in the process marrying the Kentish princess Aethelburh As part of the marriage contract the princess is allowed to retain her Christian faith But in these times to be a king is not a recipe for a long lifeThis turbulent and tormented period in British history sees the conv Every now and again I read a book that causes me anger Not anger at the book’s contents or presentation Anger that the author wrote what I should have thought of firstEdwin High King of Britain is one of those books Edoardo Albert’s work here fits technically under the definition of “historical fiction” though I would recommend a category of “imaginative history” for works like this oneWhy? Albert presents us with seventh century Britain as a living place This is a timeframe that we do not have many sources for—the Venerable Bede’s Ecclesiastical History being the main source for occurred in these years If we take Bede’s historical work as accurate then Albert’s work is accurate on historical events He has woven in imaginative descriptions of what goes on between events Unlike a typical “historical fiction” book that is mostly fiction in an historical setting this is mostly history with imagined events to bring it to life And bring it to life he does Throughout Edwin High King of Britain we are introduced to warp and woof of Britain as we can know it His historical note at the end highlights the areas where he diverted from known facts and his justification for it The deviations are reasonableNow I’d prefer not to give you too many details I can say that one thing you might hold as a criticism is the similarities in the behaviors of the Edwin and his people and how JRR Tolkien portrays the Riders of Rohan However you must remember that Tolkien was an expert inearly Anglo Saxons and early Britain It’s not only reasonable for Edwin’s Britons and others to seem like the Rohirrim it’s right for them toAlbert works through the intrigues and battles that characterized life in the seventh century British Isles Well the main isle—Ireland has not come into play yet It’s gruesome at points Warfare often is and a novelist is challenged to portray the reality while maintaining writing acceptable for his audienceAll of this being said I like this book It is the opening of a series and I am curious to see if the series holds up in terms of uality but I have high hopes This should find its way into your reading if you are interested in early Britain or if you like a good intrigue story A great readPublisher provided a free book in exchange for this review