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Free read ✓ El amor en los tiempos del cólera 102 å ❰Reading❯ ➷ El amor en los tiempos del cólera Author Gabriel García Márquez – Nobel prize winner and author of One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel García Máruez tells a tale of an unreuited love that outlasts all rivEBook #8608 a mango tree Florentino seizes his chance to declare his enduring love But can young love find new life in the twilight of their lives'The most important writer of fiction in any language' Bill Clinton'An exuisite writer wise compassionate and extremely funny' Sunday Telegraph'An amazing celebration of the many kinds of love between men and women' The Tim. This was not the book for me I know a lot of people give it praise and it is considered a classic but I never got into itIt rambled it was repetitive I got boredWhat was supposed to be a story about love seemed to be about twisted obsession and I never found it endearing None of the characters were all that great and I pretty much found myself feeling sorry for everyoneI was thankful when I was done

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DF or Florentino Ariza's impassioned advances and married Dr Juvenal Urbino instead During that half century Flornetino has fallen into the arms of many delighted women but has loved none but Fermina Having sworn his eternal love to her he lives for the day when he can court her againWhen Fermina's husband is killed trying to retrieve his pet parrot from amor en los. Can unreuited love last a lifetime That’s the premise of this book A 76 year old man pines for a woman all his life Now her husband has died Does he still have a chance Actually they were in love as teenagers but they mostly exchanged secret notes She was guarded by her nanny and when her father discovered the relationship he took his daughter away for three years It worked When they returned the young girl no longer loved the boy and she married a man who became a prominent and wealthy doctor The doctor’s claim to fame was cleaning up the Colombian city of the open sewers that led to the disease In 1900 we’re told the man is 40 so you can figure out the time frame He has an uncle who runs the local steamboat river shipping company He starts out sweeping the docks becomes a clerk and over the years eventually rises to manager As he does so he attends various cultural events in the city and occasionally sees his beloved She and her husband are the most socially prominent people in the city Sometimes he gets a smile or a nod from her; sometimes not Meanwhile he visits prostitutes and has long standing affairs with several women Some aren’t sexual He even has an affair with his 14 year old niece ending in tragedyThe story alternates between his story and hers The constant civil wars of Colombia are a background to the story Finally her husband dies and having not talked with her for 51 years he makes his move There is excellent writing as we would expect Some passages I liked“He was still too young to know that the heart’s memory eliminates the bad and magnifies the good and thanks to this artifice we manage to endure the burden of the past” At one point the woman learns her husband has been unfaithful and he admits it and weeps She is disappointed because he did not do what she had hoped he would do “deny everything and swear on his life it was not true and grow indignant at the false accusationeven when confronted with crushing proofs of his disloyalty” “She was a ghost in a strange house that overnight had become immense and solitary and through which she wandered without purpose asking herself in anguish which of them was deader the man who had died or the woman he had left behind” “Always remember that the most important thing in a marriage is not happiness but stability” “ ’No I’m not rich’ he said ‘I am a poor man with money which is not the same thing’ ” An excellent book I had read this years ago and I should have re read it sooner A classic from the master of Latin American literature that I will add to my favorites Photos from top A street in Cartagena from cartagenaexplorercom Steam ships on the Magdalena river around 1873 from mediaistockphotocomillustrationsThe author from okdiariocom

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El amor en los tiempos del cóleraNobel prize winner and author en los PDF #201 of One Hundred Years of Solitude Gabriel García Máruez tells a tale of an unreuited love that outlasts all rivals in his masterpiece Love in the Time of Cholera published as a Penguin Essential for the first timeFifty one years nine months and four days have passed since Fermina Daza rebuffed hopeless romantic El amor P. 5 masculine organic decaying stars 8th Favorite Read of 2016 Do not make the mistake that this book is about love This book is about much common vices Vices that masuerade for loveJealousy obsession desire pity and vengeancePerpetually selfish penises promising but only perjuring voluminous misunderstood vaginasMen using women that use menThe demise of the body civilization disease poverty stolen riches subservience slaverySexual abuse in the guise of parental guidance Smothering overindulgent mothers psychologically killing sons and maiming daughtersBeauty and comfort for the very few Shades of skin as important as class and wealthNarcissism poetry and empty years of mindless despairRot sickeningly sweet perfumes theft and unknown historyOh no do not misunderstand this book is not about love Anything but