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Read & Download Eden AUTHOR Stanisław Lem à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú [Read] ➪ Eden ➲ Stanisław Lem – Co sprawia że powieść czyta się z nie słabnącym zainteresowaniem Z pewnością niezwykła wyobraźnia autora który tworzy zmysłowe bogate wizje planetarnej natStosowanych technologii sprawia że przybysze i miejscowi do końca nie potrafią naprawdę się porozumiećPozycja zawiera takżePo co ludziom fantastyka Rozmowa z Borysem Strugackim Smutek Edenu Posłowie prof Jerzego Jarzębskiego. Science fiction is a difficult genre to map out At an earlier time perhaps the term dictated certain ideas that we now identify as old school science fiction rockets shooting off to space alien contact that was often especially in the 1950's paralleled with communism scares exploring the universe in search of unknown planets It seems like a paradox to force those words together by hyphen science fiction For one part is set in stone movable if only in the realm of theories The other lies in our fantasies disconnected from reality In science fiction literature often reality and unreality are forced together to produce a novel uestioning the unknown Over time science fiction has become a sign that merely hangs above a group of genres some which are still debated speculative fiction paranoid fiction cyber punk slipstream and usually interspersed within the fantasy genre as if to insinuate that both are the works of dreams Science fiction and fantasy operate on dreams and nightmares; which part is set in reality depends on the author The earliest of which rockets shooting off into space is pure escapist fantasy Leave it to Polish science fiction author Stanislaw Lem to spin this idea on its head with a title like Eden that promises dream fantasies but is the story of a complete and utter nightmare in the realm of communication Playing with the escapist fantasy of traveling to a distant planet only to realize that it's a land defined by deathIf I were to write a review of Eden I would say that the book is uite dated I spent a week wondering if I could finish the book or if I should have just turned it back in as nothing seems to happen in 200 pages other than problems in first contact However the last few chapters are utterly brilliant and made me change my mind from writing a review to an analysis It's these two chapters that make me want to read by Lem that make me understand why he's considered a science fiction master And it's because Lem had the ability to transcend his genre and write about human interaction with an outsider's eye It's difficult to describe what it means to write about humans from an outsider's perspective What Lem excels at in Eden perhaps due to his experience during the Stalinist regime is in showcasing what societies do to keep the general public silent Strangely there are many similarities between Lem's Eden and Ursula K Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness in terms of theme As far as writing goes Le Guin's work is much subtle and interesting but I'm willing to give Lem the excuse of being at the mercy of translation Strangely if we're going to compare Lem to Le Guin Lem's off and on honorary membership status with the Science Fiction Writers of America SFWA incited protest as many other American science fiction writers disliked the SFWA's treatment towards Lem Le Guin was one of those writers Lem would go on to make comments about American science fiction writers in which he relegated them to commercialism and capitalism That is the best backhanded Thank you I have heard of lately Eden is the story of six men who crash land on an unknown planet They are the Captain the Doctor the Engineer the Cyberneticist the Physicist and the Chemist Unfortunately those names prescribe a certain personality to each character The Captain is stern and ruled by matter and fact the Doctor cares deeply about the alien race they encounter and hopes to help them and the Cyberneticist appears to only care about his precious robots This isn't a character driven novel certainly But in lieu of character and strangely plot what exists in its place are theories and ideas What Lem has going for him is his bizarre imagination Eden is an eerie planet filled with automatic factories that produce useless objects proposed grave sights by the humans where bodies are strewn about a room filled with glass eggs that contain strange skeletons; perhaps the eeriest moment for me was when they taped footage of a city disparate elements of common life that are so alien yet so familiar These creatures constructed of abdomens and useless limbs are called doublers by the crew In the original Polish they were called double bodied The few doublers they meet are by way of wandering stragglers who appear on their ship despite the crew's security But there is another doubler they meet in a herd that is running and panicked What the crew realizes is that the doubler is indifferent to human existence; it's fear is of doubler race When the Doctor offers to take the doubler with them it follows They believe the doubler to be ill formed as it cannot communicate with them Another doubler they meet is an astronomer who has the means to communicate with them though it is solely through a computer's translation What they learn of the race through the cities they glimpse and the information the Astronomer gives them presents a harrowing story of Eden But is this truly what is occurring on Eden or is it merely the presumptuous efforts of mankind's perspectives that create this story The crew often uestions what they saw and how they are imposing their beliefs on the doublers In the original Polish a reader would have received Lem's translation of the Astronomer's insights As an English reader I have received a translation of a translation The observations made by the crew are all too apt We have to ask a multitude of factual uestions and from the answers and half answers attempt to construct a reasonable theory All I can do is make theories based on the translations of the crew of doubler society What the Astronomer talks about with indifference genocide the crew is appalled by They ask what they can do to help the doublers the Astronomer answers Zero and they still believe that they can give doublers weapons to solve their problems It becomes a uestion of whether you go in guns blazing to help a society or if you let that regime destroy itself Sure one seems callous but if you don't truly understand what a society is going through how can you possibly help them How can you ensure that they don't fall into the hands of yet another terrible regime What seems like a simple solution becomes a series of conseuences and abstractions The crew is at the mercy of translations they begin to understand doubler society but at the same time know nothing about doubler society All they can understand is that the Astronomer would rather be killed by their ship taking off than to return to its people Many of the uestions they ask the Astronomer lead to non answers Is and is not are in the same sentence anonymous regimes and untranslatable words like deathavoid and selfaid What they discover is that the doubler society was once ruled by anonymous tyrants As that regime faded out a new anonymous government appeared and anyone who speaks directly of this non existing government is put to death The anonymous government put a plan in place where the doublers would be biologically engineered so that their future offspring would be perfect This had unintended conseuences though in that doublers were being born with one eye faces without mouths and mental deficiencies The anonymous government then washed out any idea that a plan had been enacted And so it's not a plan any but a disease This gave the anonymous government the right to seek out these diseased doublers and kill them Anyone who speaks of the disease as a plan made by the government is also put to death In the 2002 film Hero the King of in attempts to unite all of China by way of force One of the memorable scenes in a film that is built of memorable scenes is when his forces attack a calligraphy school One would wonder why he specifically sent soldiers to a calligraphy school but this is a symbolic interpretation of taking over a group of people It's stated in the film that before China was united there were 25 words for sword sword being one of them as word is in sword The King of in conuers these people by forcing them to have solely one word One word to unite them rather than dabble in obscure varieties Essentially what Hero states is that you control people through language If you control language you control the populace In Eden the amount of anonymity is staggering This isn't uniting a country; this is complete annihilation By making the tyrants anonymous the doublers have no one to place their anger on They have no face to retaliate And without a being to retaliate they comply to forces They do so willingly The Astronomer reveals that doubler life revolves around anger perhaps due to the fact that they have no one to release their anger onto By taking away a plan and replacing it with a disease this change places fear within the doublers They are ruled by fear and anger No healthy society can come out of this Lem's writing certainly has historic parables I'll leave those open for you to decipher Eden isn't a great book I had difficulty finishing it but those last few chapters are enough to warrant tries on my part to obtain Lem's works Not only are Lem's ideas relevant they're also important It's important to remember that we're only human and that we can only impose our humanity onto others Thus we are born with culture shock whether we accept this or not It's only human

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Jemnicom Edenu odsłaniać się stopniowo z dramatycznym napięciemPolityczne porządki na planecie przypominają czytelnikom wizje Orwella ale najważniejszy jest tam sceptycyzm co do szans wzajemnego poznania jauż sama odmienność. Brilliant and disturbing Lem's theme with this book as with Solaris Fiasco His Master's Voice and others is the complete lack of understanding or commonality between human and alien intelligence Six astronauts crash on an alien planet about which very little is known They're forced to search for resources in order to survive and repair their ship and are uite naturally eager to explore the strange planet at first Every encounter with the remnants of the alien civilization and with the life forms themselves leads to further confusion There is speculation but it is idle and rife with contradictions The six men simply cannot explain anything that they have encountered in any sort of rational way A palpable sense of creepiness came over me while reading this book Something in me is repulsed by ideas an images that cannot be connected to anything else in my experience The creepiness was matched with a burning curiosity making it almost impossible to put the book down at the end of each chapter Lem is obviously uite familiar with this response He draws it out masterfully and plays with it during the course of the story forcing the reader to empathize with the six nameless save for one astronauts as they forage deeper and deeper into the alien world revealing wonder after terrifying wonder As with much of Lem's work this is a deeply philosophical book It's also a very engaging and enjoyable read Highly recommended

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Eden AUTHOR Stanisław LCo sprawia że powieść czyta się z nie słabnącym zainteresowaniem Z pewnością niezwykła wyobraźnia autora który tworzy zmysłowe bogate wizje planetarnej natury i kultury a zarazem umiejętnie dozuje napięcie pozwalając ta. I'm not sure how to rate this book Some books build their story like sculpting as you can see it slowly taking shape from two piece of rock to work of art Or painting where you can see whole picture slowly being formed Eden is like photography in small time span masterful pictures is created on what it was before just dull piece plastic and silicone does this metaphor make sense outside my head I don't know but I'm rolling with it anyway Eden has masterful last chapters but before that it's dull but necessary piece plastic and silicone There is no character development no beautiful prose and Eden is strange and unrelatable place that doesn't make much sense This last one thing is actually deliberate and essential element What it builds up to in those last few chapters is than 5 stars before than it's between 2 and 3 They are necessary but still made uninteresting to read