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Read & Download ã E-book, or Kindle E-pub µ Andy Behrens The light at the end of nice boy Ian s boring summer is Danielle someone he met online who might be really hot and who might have agreed All the PDF or to have sex with him Ian is new to this sex thing and Danielle is nine hundred miles away but Ian thinks Danielle mi. Seems like too many writers are turning their scripts into YA books I Love You Beth Cooper This one was actually made into a movie Sex Drive and the book reads like a screen treatment Of course what wound up in the Hollywood version doesn't much resemble the book beyond the most basic elements so even if you've seen the film you can enjoy the book on its own terms They both wind up in about the same place but take completely different paths And as Frost pointed out that makes a lot of differenceThe characters aren't uite original and the plot is just what you'd expect it to be Still Ian's trip goes down easily In the same vein as The Last Great Getaway of the Water Balloon Boys Swim the Fly The Sure Thing and Fast Times at Ridgemont High It is decorated with R rated sex and scatology but at its core All the Way is all about real love and realizing the value of truth and friendship When done well this genre can be funny and gross and sweet all at once Behrens' version is adeuateI'd suggest this to readers who aren't uite up to the demands of Doyle's book who can't keep up with Audrey Wait or Spanking Shakespeare I see the perfect reader as being those who want a naughty kick that doesn't demand much It may be a near perfect reluctant boy read

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Summary Ö All the Way ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Í ❮Reading❯ ➳ All the Way ➬ Author Andy Behrens – The light at the end of nice boy Ian s boring summer is Danielle someone he met online who might be really hot and who might have agreed to have sex with him Ian is In Ian might motor his way to love if he can figure out how nice boys finish firstAuthor Biography Andy Behrens is a freelance writer living in Chicago He has written for the Chicago Reader Flak Magazine and ESPNcom as well as other publicationsThis is his first novel. Out of today's daring provocative and sometimes raunchy brand of comedy movies emerging as a genre all its own few movies have the ability to make me laugh as did the 2008 landmark comedy Sex Drive I watched this movie with friends on a regular basis to a point where we could uote any amount of dialogue from any scene A friend of mine even looked into making an actual webpage out of the impromptu website Randy of Andy Randy makes up while joking with Ian totalfuckingawesomenesscomwerule Needless to say when I saw that this was based on a book it was instantly on my to be read list I ordered a copy for myself and a friend on and upon receiving them in the mail poured through it uite uickly First off as you may have guessed this book falling under the category of teen fiction it's easy to surmise that the book is much different from the movie While they're both very entertaining the book tends to be a little predictable but has its elements of suspense Ian Lafferty a timid high school senior nearing the end of his Summer break has spent the past few months doing nothing of real excitement working playing video games working His two best friends Felicia and Lance have had much interesting time off from school Ian has kept busy with one other productive pastime conversing over the internet with a cute sorority girl he'd been using experimental pickup techniues on Though it seemed to be working Ian's approach was procured by his successful friend Lance who'd spent his Summer mingling with attractive young girls by utilizing seemingly 'unethical' methods Lance's aggressive toned confident cocky slightly rude style of approaching women was alien to soft hearted Ian but seemed to be working on his current prospect MsTasty agrees to see Ian at her sorority house if he'd be willing to make the journey to visit her As fate would have it this is the weekend that Lance and Felicia were supposed to accompany Ian to 'Lancapaloosa' an inner city field trip to see Lance's cousin Naturally Ian is stuck with his two friends in tow on his Summer defining sex trip They encounter a series of friendship testing ordeals and comical situations while at the same time make revealing discoveries Not a bad read It doesn't take long to read through so I'd definitely recommend it for any fans of the movie or teen fiction enthusiasts

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All the WayGhtbe the right girl and if he can get himself and his two best friends Lance and Felicia into his aged Oldsmobile and en route to Danielle in their last weekend before senior year starts he just mightbe about to have sex The road trip then becomes The Sex Drive where. I cant remember anything about this book but I distinctly remember it being funny