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DOWNLOAD The Perfect Hamburger and Other Delicious Stories õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ➲ The Perfect Hamburger and Other Delicious Stories Read ➺ Author Alexander McCall Smith – The Appetizer The Perfect HamburgerWhen a snazzy fast food chain movesThe Appetizer The Perfect HamburgerWhen a snazzy fast Hamburger and MOBI #237 food chain moves into town business at Joe's favorite hamburger restaurant begins to suffer He gets an idea that's sure to bring back the diners but there's just one The Perfect PDF problem The secret recipe for the burgers is missing Can Joe figure out the ingredients to recreate the perfect ha. super

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Mburger before it's too lateThe Entrée The S paghetti Tangle John and Nicky forced to live with their vegetable Perfect Hamburger and PDFEPUB #182 loving Aunt Rebecca dream of eating spaghetti for every meal So when they enter a recipe contest and win a trip to Mr Pipelli's spaghetti factory they couldn't be happier But are they prepared for an encounter with Perfect Ham. Alexander McCall Smith has always been a favorite author of mine This particular collection of middle grade stories are all related to food and kids are somehow the heroes In one story a boy wants to help save his favorite hamburger joint from the chain restaurants which are taking away his business The boy is able to help his friend the chef and owner by helping him find a recipe for a perfect hamburger In the second story two kids who live with their health conscious and onion salad loving aunt seek out a recipe for the perfect spaghetti and win a chance to tour the spaghetti factory In the last story a group of kids from school decide to hold a weekly donut sale to help raise funds for their janitor who had his car stolen and has no way to retire When there proves to be too much demand for the donuts they must find a way to meet the demandAll of these books were fun to read I read them aloud to my son and he was always eager to hear what happened next I believe his favorite was the spaghetti story There is something fun about the idea of playing in spaghetti I enjoyed the stories but as an adult I had to suspend disbelief so freuently that I cannot say this collection is my favorite contribution by McCall Smith Since I’m an amateur foodie and cook I found some of the attitudes a bit annoying such as that a professional cook would be “above” eating a hamburger I am not the main audience however so I do not think parents or kids should avoid this book for those reasons This is a middle grade work perfectly geared to the middle grade and younger audienceCross posted on my blog

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The Perfect Hamburger and Other Delicious StoriesBurger and Other Delicious PDFEPUBthe spaghetti spinnerThe Dessert The Doughnut RingJim thinks a doughnut sale is the perfect fund raiser to help his friend Mr Pride And it is at first But when an e mail chain asking for donations gets out of control Jim finds himself up to his ears in doughnuts Will he ever be able to sell all the stock and stop the doughnut ring for goo. This book has 3 stories Hamburger Spaghetti and Doughnuts The Perfect Hamburger story is all about finding a mysterious spice to make the perfect hamburger They are trying to save a little restaurant from being pushed out of business by a big chain The Spaghetti Tangle is about 2 kids who don't get to eat regular food Their aunt is a health food nut They win a trip to a spaghetti factory and the machine goes haywire and tangles them all up in spaghetti The Doughnut Ring is about kids trying to raise the money for their school janitor to get a new car after his was stolen They send an e mail chain out asking for help with doughnuts and then they so many they don't know what to do with them And do they find the spice for the perfect hamburger Do the kids get untangled from the spaghetti Do the kids find a place for all those doughnuts and get a new car for the school janitor You'll have to read the book to find out