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Step into the perfumed parlors of the Everleigh Club the most famous brothel in American history–and the catalyst for a culture war that rocked the nation Operating in Chicago’s notorious Levee district at the dawn of the last century the Club’s proprietors two aristocratic sisters named Minna and Ada Everleigh welcomed moguls and actors senators and athletes foreign dignitaries and literary icons into their stately double mansion where thirty stunning Everleigh “butterflies” awaited their arrival Courtesans named Doll Suzy Poon Tang and Brick Top devoured raw meat to the delight of Prince Henry of Prussia and recited poetry for Theodore Dreiser Whereas lesser madams pocketed most of a har I want to stress that this is a work of nonfiction; every character I describe lived and breathed if not necessarily thrived on the Levee's mean streets writes author Karen Abbott in her introductionWhat immediately bothered me about the book though was the extent to which Karen Abbott took liberties to 'fictionalize' her non fiction adding window dressing and drapery to an already rich tapestry of research materialTake this section for instance'It's going to be difficult at first I know' Minna continued She walked slowly up and down the line a commander instructing her troops arms folded heels clackingI found this style irritating and distracting It made me doubt Abbott's usage of her sources What were her sources anyway? I would have liked to hear about them and not just stuffed in the back in the bibliography What source material is she relying upon? How credible is it? THAT ASIDE I thought the actual story Abbott had to tell about the history of Chicago's vice district was interesting if a little disjointed There seemed to be so many different angles to the story and the author seemed to dab a little in all of them without going into much depth There was a little about the reform movement a little about the way Big Jim Ike Bloom Hinky Dink Kenna greased the wheels of law enforcement a little about the schemings of Vic Shaw a little about the Everleigh sisters themselves Abbott gave a little of everything but kept me wanting to know about everything too

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Sin in the Second City Madams Ministers Playboys and the Battle for America's SoulIca’s sexual culture and had repercussions all the way to the White House including the formation of the Federal Bureau of InvestigationWith a cast of characters that includes Jack Johnson John Barry John D Rockefeller Jr William Howard Taft “Hinky Dink” Kenna and Al Capone Sin in the Second City is Karen Abbott’s colorful nuanced portrait of the iconic Everleigh sisters their world famous Club and the perennial clash between our nation’s hedonistic impulses and Puritanical roots Culminating in a dramatic last stand between brothel keepers and crusading reformers Sin in the Second City offers a vivid snapshot of America’s journey from Victorian era propriety to twentieth century modernit I absolutely loved this book I found it in my local library by chance and I'm glad I did I love historical books about Chicago Sin in the Second City has much in common with Devil in the White City as it takes place roughly during the same time period in Chicago around 1900 Although the subject matter may turn some people off I loved learning about the history of prostitution in Chicago It was surprising to discover that this is a true story Maybe it is naive of me but I kept having to check if this stuff was for real while reading the book The Everleigh sisters were true entrepreneurs to have created the pre eminent brothel in the US Even so I couldn't help but be shocked by the so called respectable men who freuented such placesfrom the scions of the wealthy Chicagoans like Marshall Field Jr to politicians and even princes And of course the stories of murders robberies drinking and other illicit activities were interesting After reading this book I feel like I have an understanding of what life was like in the vice district in Chicago The author cleverly set the book amidst the reform movement that ushered out the brothels and other dens of iniuity There were so many funny interesting and depressing moments in this book It's hard not to fall in love with the Everleigh sisters They did try to put a touch of class to the prostitution industry They certainly stood above the white slavers and pimps who took advantage of young rural and foreign girls coming to Chicago That's not saying much but at least they were one touch of respectability in an otherwise despicable place So if you have ever lived in Chicago or have any interest in Chicago history you'll love this story But even if you don't have a connection Chicago this book is a great opportunity to learn about the underbelly of American life in the early 1900's

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kindle Á Sin in the Second City Madams Ministers Playboys and the Battle for America's Soul Ø Hardcover Á [KINDLE] ❄ Sin in the Second City Madams Ministers Playboys and the Battle for America's Soul By Karen Abbott – Step into tLot’s earnings and kept a “whipper” on staff to mete out discipline the Everleighs made sure their girls dined on gourmet food were examined by an honest physician and even tutored in the literature of BalzacNot everyone appreciated the sisters’ attempts to elevate the industry Rival Levee madams hatched numerous schemes to ruin the Everleighs including an attempt to frame them for the death of department store heir Marshall Field Jr But the sisters’ most daunting foes were the Progressive Era reformers who sent the entire country into a frenzy with lurid tales of “white slavery the allegedly rampant practice of kidnapping young girls and forcing them into brothels This furor shaped Amer I read the author's Liar Temptress SoldierSpy and really enjoyed the historical profiles So when I saw this at a book sale I snapped it up A decadent exploration of the seedy side of 1890s Chicago Sin in the Second City delves in to the Mann Act white slavery reformers and the puerile highlights of life in a den of ineuity The Everleigh sisters ran the most popular men's club in the country spending 100000 in protection money to the city to keep their racket going They had the prettiest girls the bubbliest champagne the shiniest diamonds But it couldn't last And what exactly was their story? 2017 Lenten nonfiction Buddy Reading Challenge book #39