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free read Gentlemen Prefer BlondesBut Gentlemen Marry Brunettes 106 Ê ❰Reading❯ ➷ Gentlemen Prefer BlondesBut Gentlemen Marry Brunettes Author Anita Loos – The incomparable adventures of Lorelei Lee a little girl from Little Rock who takes the world by storm Anita Loos firOndesBut Gentlemen Kindle #209 seuel are together at last in a two in one volume complete with the original hilarious Ralph Barton illustrations throughout. I first saw the Marilyn Monroe movie Gentlemen Prefer Blonds as a youth years ago and have a vague recollection of it being whimsical fun but my general memory of the film is pretty limited I need to go back and watch it as an adult and see it from fresher eyes Reading these books was a great experience They were generally a uick read although it took the first couple of chapters for me to get used to the stylewhich slowed me down as I re read segments to double check grammar and spelling Anita Loos does an exuisite job of capturing the singular voice of Lorelei Lee I absolutely love the narrative style and the oblivious ignorance with which Lorelei approaches the worldThe story itself is not terribly remarkable It largely plays out as a series of humorous anecdotes as Lorelei and her friend Dorothy travel the world to be properly educated Presenting the story from Lorelei's point of view makes her own comments and actions all the hilarious while also making Dorothy's comments so much fun especially since Lorelei never really understands the full meaning of her friend's remarksI really enjoyed the style and would love to read by Loos She started her writing career as a screenwriter and as I looked at her list of novels is fairly short which is a shame Don't expect anything really deep going into these books unless your idea of depth is the same as Lorelei's in which case this book may be over your head These books are a fabulous portrayal of life in the 20s as seen through the eyes of the gold digging blonde in the literal and stereotypical sense It's a great light hearted satirical look at life and romance4 out of 5 stars

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The incomparable adventures of Lorelei Lee a little BlondesBut Gentlemen PDF #204 girl from Little Rock who takes the world by storm Anita Loos first Gentl. My expectations for this book were high evidently unfounded After all most classics books known in their time do not necessarily stand the test of time However this being labeled as the Great American Novel is uite an overstatement Then again similar to the coming of age story of Catcher in the Rye Gentlemen Prefer Blondes But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes was completely unremarkable for me Perhaps during is time the idea was original girl distilling it about her selfish conniving manipulative ways to marry her way to the top and the ingenious resolution that men like to play around with the pretty blinded but ultimately settle with the ones with the actual brains but the actual writingstructureplot was subpar Especially this many years later To begin with although I understand that this was done with full intent give the due credit for eliciting the desired effect the audacious spelling almost offensive grammatical errors and plain randomness of say capitalization hyphens and sentence structure was beyond my comprehension and even further being my tolerance level One of the grating choices Loos made I suppose in order to illustrate Lorelei's immaturity andor degree of education was for her writing to heavily repeat So then I mean and other such useless phrases Within the first few pages I was already cringing at the I mean What I mean I mean to say What I mean to say Not knowing by the end of page one no exaggeration whether I could handle reading an entire book of this I scanned the next several pages and saw one of the I mean phrases almost every few sentences I pushed myself to continue reading forcing my mind to concentrate on other words and ignore this I somewhat succeeded At least enough to finish the entire book Maybe some readers do not mind such contumelious errors but I am convinced I deserve great commendation for this Here is an example of a paragraph that would fit right into her diary I will admit at first it was a little fun to write but the novelty soon wore off and I was left straining myself to create ridiculous errors; at the same time straining to hold back my aggravation cringing as I wrote In this instants the Woman had a strange dialekt very anteek I mean she sounded riskay when she talked about this Doctor Froyd I mean I wracked my brain in order to decifer what she meant But she had a lot of moneys that she would give to me I mean I could have the diamond tiara if I used the intelligents I seem to have always had So I lited up my face so that it looked like I found her amuseing When she smiled back I knew it was do to me being an intelektual I mean I used Psychology and understood that she did not know how to use her instincks I mean I am the reverse So then later she left with the ade from this man that came in his Rols Royce It really was a Miracle because she promised to come back to take me to see the diamond tiara tomorrow Putting all of this aside Lorelei plain and simple was someone I would absolutely deplore in person And to be forced to read her diary as opposed to the far easier third person or omniscient point of view was difficult Through her words I would but be surprised if it was actually putting an exaggerated light on the other characters To me an unreliable narrator Dorothy Mr Bartlett Major Falcon Sir Francis Beekman Mr Montrose Henry Spoffard Gloria Chesterfield Who is who All the names blur together as Lorelei's descriptions and depictions were lackluster and superficial Partially because that was close to her actual relationship with these people All are men she used; men she married; men she wanted to marry or almost married until her capriciousness got the better of her yet again; friends she spoke poorly of; men she imagined loved her men she was convinced she was eual to men she called geniuses that she felt saw her in the same way The first book is the diary belonging to Lorelei The second is hers again but telling her friend Dorothy's story as dictated to her Both are superficial full of themselves self serving and worse yet superficial friends at least if the way Lorelei treats her is telling at all oft painting her in the worst possible light and constantly berating her both behind her back and to her face Needless to say underwhelming and unimpressive

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Gentlemen Prefer BlondesBut Gentlemen Marry BrunettesEmen Prefer PDF or published the diaries of the ultimate gold digging blonde in the flapper days of Now Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and its brunette Prefer Bl. What a marvellous novella this turned out to be Smart engaging and uproariously funny – another great summer read for meGentlemen Prefer Blondes was the debut novel of the American screenwriter and author Anita Loos You can read a little about her career here The book was an instant success on its release in 1925 – the individual sections had previously been published in Harper’s Bazaar so the market was ripe for its appearance as a complete textTo read my review please click here