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The Voyage of the Beagle Free download Ö 5 ç [Reading] ➬ The Voyage of the Beagle ➳ Charles Darwin – Charles Robert Darwin was een Engels autodidact op het gebied van natuurlijke historie biologie en geologie Darwin ontleent zijn roem aan zijn theorie dat evolutie van soorten wordt gedreven dooEre leven was gewijd aan het onderzoeken en classificeren van de op zijn reis verzamelde voorwerpen en het was onder andere dankzij dit onderzoek dat hij op zijn theorie over het ontstaan van soorten kwam Darwins werk zorgde voor een revolutie binnen de wetenschap maar had ook invloed op maatschappij filosofie en religie De acceptatie van evolutie zette de mens neer als een diersoort onderdeel van de natuur in plaats van een boven de natuur staande levensvorm Samen met de erfelijkheidsleer van Mendel vormt Darwins evolutietheorie tegenwoordig de basis van alle biologische kenn. What I wrote in my LJ while I was reading itSo I've started reading The Voyage of the Beagle I've only read a chapter or so so far but it's very enjoyable I just kind of wish I'd paid attention to my geology classes in school It's a lot relaxed and not nearly as self conscious and defensive as TOoS was It's all along the lines of Hi all We arrived on Random Island today The trees are pretty but the people didn't even give us coffee Can you believe it Anyhoo I found a rock that turned out to be bird shit and a octopus spat in my face today Yay It was the happiest moment of my life More tomorrow ByeeeeVery adorable He also keeps hitting things with his geological hammer I'm still reading the VotB as well which really is a bit of an adventure novel not in the least because it really reads like a diary and because Darwin seems to have a healthy sense of humour about himself Every other page he seems to make a fool of himself in some way or another Also he seems surprisingly humble and insecure in his naturalistic findings He records and very tentatively makes links but at this point most of the big work seems to be done by the people he sent his samples back to He also really seems to fanboy Humboldt to be a staunch abolitionist and I am sure he really pissed FitzRoy off when he carried eight or nine dinosaur skeletons on boardAlso another Darwin uote that I just read in the bath The captain at last said he had one uestion to ask me which he should be very much obliged if I would answer with all truth I trembled to think how deeply scientific it would be it was Whether the ladies of Buenos Ayres were not the handsomest in the world I replied like a renegade Charmingly so He added I have one other uestion Do ladies in any other part of the world wear such large combs I solemnly assured him that they did not They were absolutely delighted The captain exclaimed Look there a man who has seen half the world says it is the case; we always thought so but now we know it My excellent judgment in combs and beauty procured me a most hospitable reception; the captain forced me to take his bed and he would sleep on his recadoThis book is too fricking amusingYet Darwin because I might as well keep you updated now We're in Patagonia and have just gone on an upriver hikeboatride to the Cordilleras I've found out I read these books much like I read naval passages in Patrick O'Brian It's not like I skip anything and I get the main gist and it makes sense while I'm reading but I don't actually retain it all by a long long long shot Impressions stay and I learn some new things if only through repetition but a lot of it I lose again almost immediately Darwin keeps referencing Jack Byron's accounts now and I feel so very guilty for not remembering a lot of these things So yes aside from a series of clear impressions and a few remembered names for each region there is disturbingly little I remember Humboldt would have bitchslapped me long agoAt least I have the consolation that Darwin apparently always carried a few books with him to identify species with That eases the sting a bitAlso points to you Wordsworth Editions for not translating the French passages In any case out of all the period accounts by naturalists that I've read so far this is by far the most fun the most entertaining and the most readable I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to play around with this natural science business not in the least because Darwin shows so much of himself Humboldt much as I love him only occasionally

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Charles Robert Darwin was een Engels of the PDF #180 autodidact op het gebied van natuurlijke historie biologie en geologie Darwin ontleent zijn roem aan zijn theorie dat evolutie van soorten wordt gedreven door natuurlijke selectie Het bestaan van evolutie werd nog tijdens zijn The Voyage PDF leven binnen een groot deel van de wetenschappelijke gemeenschap geaccepteerd De acceptatie van natuurlijke selectie als aandrijvend mechanisme liet langer op zich wachten en is tegenwoordig onomstreden Darwin werd gelovig opgevoed en opgeleid volgens de filosofie van de in die tijd Voya. The Beagle was sent on a surveying mission by the Royal Navy; initially it was intended to last three years but it was extended to five and the ship circumnavigated the globe The captain Fitzroy wanted a companion on the voyage and through a convoluted series of events ended up with a youthful Darwin along which so annoyed the official ship's Naturalist who was also the surgeon as was common that he resigned and left at the first port of call part way across the Atlantic Fortunately another surgeon was appointed at the same port Very little of what Darwin wrote actually talks about the oceansthis is because he was no great sailor and spent most of his time aboard acutely seasick Which in turn is why Darwin contrived to spend three out of five years on landAll this and is discussed in an excellent introduction to this edition which has printed the 1st edition abridging Darwin's journal by approx 13 however I'm not sure how to feel about that; have I been saved from really dull stuff that would have made what is a pretty lively book a chore to read Or have I missed out on some interesting material Weirdly having made this 13 chop the original Naval orders for the mission are included along with Fitzroy's essay attempting to reconcile the Bible specifically the Deluge ie the Noah story with contemporary geology Even weirdly both of these appendices are worthwhile The mission orders are very practical and sensible and as specific as practicable and not as I imagined they would be vague and bureaucraticFitzroy's essay reminded me of the kind of thing that went on in Oxford and Cambridge in the Middle Ages where people devoted themselves primarily to attempting to reconcile reality with the Classical philosophers and the Bible deploying a lot of casuistry and not much else for the most part Roger Bacon being a notable exception and look what happened to him yep locked up by he Church for practising black magic The fact is that even at the time of Beagle's voyage it was clear that the Earth had to be orders of magnitude older than the historical record with Genesis taken at face value suggested and literal belief in the Bible particularly the Old Testament was crumbling amongst the educated scientists Christianity itself was still axiomatic for most however and Darwin no exception at the time as cannot be mistaken from this bookGetting back to Darwin and his book the Voyage is a rarely dull often vivacious account not only of the flora and fauna Darwin encounters but also of the geology people and societies he encounters too the latter providing most of the funny and dramatic moments of which there are many I cannot recommend it to people uninterested in geology and biology however Readers who cannot cope with such entries as a detailed theory of the formation of coral reefs still considered correct as far as it goes I believe will get bogged down uite often That said anyone who has successfully waded through The Origin of Species will find this an easy ride by comparisonDarwin displays an interesting blend of progressive attitudes eg anti slavery and typical of his day Victorian Christian notions eg Christian Western Europe is the pinnacle of human societies whilst observing on the many different nations and cultures he encounters alongside the wildlife and geology Apparently the people of Tierra Del Feugo are the least improved on the planetWhat you won't find here is a theory of evolution the uestion of the origin of species arising only a few times and then very obliuely

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The Voyage of the BeagleGe of the eBook #9734 in Engeland gangbare natuurlijke theologie die religie en weten schap verenigde Dankzij de waarnemingen en ontdekkingen die hij in de loop van zijn leven deed ging hij echter steeds meer twijfelen over zowel de gangbare ideeën over soortvorming als zijn persoonlijke geloof Tijdens een onderzoeks reis met het schip de Beaglebezocht Darwin Zuid Amerika Australië het zuiden van Afrika en diverse eilandengroepen in de Grote en Indische Oceaan Op al deze plekken bestudeerde hij de plaatselijke dieren planten fossielen en geologie Een groot deel van zijn verd. Darwin's own account of the now almost legendary five year voyage of the Beagle is an entertaining illuminating and fascinating read Darwin writes with such enthusiasm that it's difficult not to be swept up in the journey and the remarkable things he witnessed and studied as he circumnavigated the globeThe only thing I found slightly disappointing was Darwin's attitude towards some of the peoples or as he refers to them 'savages' he interacted with on his trek Darwin was famously anti slavery but it becomes painfully clear in the reading of this book that he did not object to slavery because he saw slaves as eual human beings suffering a horrific injustice but rather he objected to slavery in the same way somebody today might object to cruelty to animals He took pity on slaves but he still regarded them as lesser beings His views may have been progressive for his time but perhaps unrealistically I'd hoped for