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PDF ä BOOK Starting Over on Blackberry Lane Life in Icicle Falls #10 FREE ß HORTICULTURETRADER ✓ ❰Read❯ ➳ Starting Over on Blackberry Lane Life in Icicle Falls #10 Author Sheila Roberts – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Time for a Change—or Three StefanThinking maybe she needs to sell her fixer upper and follow her career bliss up the ladder of success even if that scary ladder is clear across the country Getting her place ready to sell proves harder than she originally thought She needs help  She's not the only one Cass Wilkes their neighbor has an empty nest with a leaking roof When Perfectly titled Starting Over on Blackberry Lane really did explore how three neighbors women who were at different stages in their lives navigated the changes they suddenly faced Anger joy grief and newfound love were just some of the emotions Sheila Roberts expertly wove into this tale of friendship and communityI know I can always turn to the Life in Icicle Falls series for a dependably fun heartwarming time And I love how Sheila Roberts handles the realistic situations she puts her characters in and the reactions they have in response to their dilemmas She doesn’t paint everything in a too overly happy way allowing some tragedy and darker moments to touch the character’s lives Full Review on HarleuinJunkie BlogRead More

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Time for a Change or Three Stefanie Stahl has a husband with renovation ADD He can't seem to finish anything he starts and her house is littered with his projects If he doesn't smarten up she swears she's going to murder him and bury him under the pile of scrounged lumber in the backyard  Her friend Griffin James is suddenly single and Funny story despite the fact that I have a ton of Sheila Roberts books laying around Starting Over on Blackberry Lane is my first read from this authorIt was interesting It follows three women in Icicle Falls and they all happen to live nearby and are really good friendsCass is a forty five year old baker who owns her own bakery and most recently her roof collapsed over her dining room table She is divorced and has a few grown children but she is feeling very lonely until Grant Master's shows up in town He happens to look like George Clooney and a lot of women fawn and mistake him over the actorStef is married but is having a hard time with her husband who has decided to tear up the house and do some renovations It is what Stef had wanted but the problem is that her husband can't seem to finish anything he has started and her entire house is a big giant mess Luckily a bit of Grant's Honey Do company is coming up and Stef is adamant at winning it in hopes the handyman can finish the jobGriffin is young and is about to get married but at her bridal shower she realizes it is no longer what she wants She and her fiance had somehow grown apart Steve is interested in his video games than at her and now they barely talk let alone spend time together After breaking off her marriage Griffin is looking for a fresh start in New York where she hopes her food photography will take off Of course she mets Master's other son Matt who is coming off his own marriage and sparks flyThis was cute I did mostly enjoy this book It had a lot going on a lot It follows the residents of Icicle Falls and thought this could be read as a standalone other characters make an appearance regularly For the most part it felt like I was reading a show The three women win the Honey Do bid and decide to split the handyman in hopes of getting their houses finishedThe characters were fun to follow for the most part I could stand Stef though she was absolutely horrible to her husband at times I understood her frustration but she treated him like crap and that wasn't okay She kept calling him frustrating and immature but the only immature person in this book was her She was difficult to like and I didn't like her at all I thought she was horrid and she never really grew on me after that the damage was doneCass and Griffin were easy to like I loved that Cass was a baker and was curious with all the mention of food in this book if there was going to be some recipes at the end luckily for me there are so excitedThe romance was okay Because it follows three characters and their relationships and how they are all looking to start over in a different kind of way for Cass she wants to love again for Griffin she is moving to a different chapter in her life and for Stef a new start with her marriage it was hard to really connect with the romance I connected with the characters but I never really felt the romance and at times that was frustrating The most frustrating part besides Stef and her horrible treatment of her husband was Cass and Grant because of their age difference Grant was about sixteen years old and kept pointing that out through 90% of the book I was starting to get annoyed especially since Cass on multiple occasions mentioned she didn't care Grant was also uick to keep calling her out on her ag

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Starting Over on Blackberry Lane Life in Icicle Falls #10Her ceiling crashes in she knows it's time to do something When Grant Masters offers his handyman services at a fund raiser auction the three women go in together to outbid the competition and win their man Cass's friends think she should win Grant in a different way too Now it's time to make some improvementsin their houses and their liv 35 stars It is a little sad to think this the next to the last of the books in the Icicle Falls series Every time a reader comes back to visit these characters it is a welcome respite There are no major surprises you know exactly what kind of book you are going to get especially if you have read the other books in this series This is the book you keep in your bag and pick up whenever you are waiting in line be it at the post office you favorite coffee shop waiting for the gas tank to fill you name it You can pick up this book read little bits here and there and not get lost I like that each time we visit this town we see little pieces of past characters and explore in depth of characters we might have only met in past books After a few crazy hectic weeks this is the kind of book I needed at the moment One that is fun and easy and life drama that you know will resolve itself by the end