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PDF ¿ BOOK The Yearling FREE ì [Ebook] ➣ The Yearling Author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Young Jody adopts an orphaned fawn he calls Flag and makes it a part of his family and his best friend But life in the Florida backwoods is harsh and so as his family fights off wolves bears and even Young Jody adopts an orphanStence farming Jody must finally part with his dear animal friend There has been a film and even a musical based on this story The Yearling is a fine coming of age novel that I have somehow managed to avoid reading until know Fortunately thanks to the fine folks at the On the Southern Literary Trail Goodreads group I finally had the opportunity to read and discuss it with others who appreciate it Uninformed readers such as I will automatically assume that the yearling in uestion is the fawn prominently displayed on the cover but that is not really correct It soon becomes apparent that the fawn is but a minor character in the drama that plays out in the scrub lands of back country Florida The real yearling is Jody a young boy growing up in isolation with only his hard working parents for company Despite his father's attempts to shelter Jody from the tribulations of life in the country Jody finds that growing up is not as fun and easy as he would like Without revealing too many spoilers it is a wonderful description of the rocky road to manhood One final comment The audiorecording of this novel was magnificently narrated by Tom Stechschulte It is a great book to listen to and Tom is the perfect narrator

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Young Jody adopts an orphaned fawn he calls Flag and makes it a part of his family and his best friend But life in the Florid I have read this book twice before once as a child and again as a young adult It was presented as the MOD choice on the group On the Southern Literary Trail by Tom so I took the opportunity to start the New Year with a Pulitzer Prize winning novel that I already knew would be a wonderful read I had forgotten just how great it really wasThe setting is Florida in the 1870's before concrete and condos and retirees and tourists Before Disney World and Universal and Gatorland This was a Florida of wild lush beauty wild game aplenty to supplement meager farming but also bears and wolves and rattlesnakes and violent storms The Florida Crackers that Rawlings knew so well were proud hard working people that only asked for help from neighbors when there was no other choice and gave help in turn when it was neededThe description of this book would have you believe that it's the story of a young boy who adopts a fawn and while this is true the real story is the relationship between a boy and his father It's about the struggle to become a man in a hard world the difficulty of doing the right thing or even knowing what the right thing is at times As Penny tells his son Jody Boy life goes back on you Life knocks a man down and he gets up and it knocks him down agin What's he to do then What's he to do when he gits knocked down Why take it for his share and go onMarjorie Kinnan Rawlings has written a book about the people she lived among and loved the values they held dear and the Florida scrub country that she described so beautifully The dialect in the book is so real it reads like poetry I found myself reading parts of it aloud just to hear it spoken Yes this book is a classic in ways than one The nature writing is unsurpassed the story is timeless the characters will stay in your heart forever We all need this book for the message Stand up to life do what needs to be done but remember to remain a decent human being

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The YearlingA backwoods is harsh and so as his family fights off wolves bears and even alligators and faces failure in their tenuous subsi I started this classic novel with only a vague idea of what it was about I knew the book was supposed to be sad and I knew “the yearling” was a deer But that was it As it turns out I was partly wrong about both things Yes the novel is sad extremely so but its overriding feature is an almost ecstatic love of animals especially wild ones And yes the yearling is a deer but importantly it’s also the story’s protagonist; a 12 year old boy caught right in that moment between an innocent childhood and a realization of the pain the world can dole out The Yearling was not originally marketed for children but over the years it’s sort of morphed into a young adult novel in many people’s minds I think that’s a mistake For one thing it’s too long and often slow For another the themes are tricky and much subtle than they appear at first Jody Baxter and his parents live in the Florida wilderness around 1870 Jody’s father Penny is wise and kind and showers him with attention and Jody thrives on a life of hard honest work and playing in the woods Jody and Penny love animals but seem to always be killing them Early in the novel Old Slewfoot a massive bear eats a pig the Baxters were counting on for winter and they go out after him almost losing their best hound when Slewfoot fights them all off This starts the thematic arc of the book which is about the slow inevitable approach of death and the fact that humans and wild animals can’t really coexist Death comes closer when Penny is bitten by a rattlesnake and barely survives In a desperate attempt to save his life he kills a doe and places her liver on the bite hoping to suck out the poison Jody is terrified While Penny is recovering Jody remembers that dear had a fawn He insists on finding it and taking it home to raise like a puppy The fawn who he names Flag is intertwined with Penny’s near death and Jody worships it like he does his dad There is a destructive flood a plague that hits the animals attacks from starving wolves the death of a beloved neighbor a showdown with Old Slewfoot and finally the sad events that shape Jody into the man he will become—someone who sees the world clearly and is honest and wise like his father In between all that death there are also scenes of incredible and surreal beauty always around wild animals In one of my favorite sections Penny and Jody watch from the bushes as a dozen cranes dance together with the moon shining above Their movements are intimate unknowable and the moment is described so well I went down a half hour rabbit hole Googling dancing cranes In another scene a thin crippled young wolf sneaks into the Baxter’s yard at night to play with the family’s dog The wolf pup is lame because Penny had shot it earlier for trying to eat his livestock They watch uietly“Pore thing” Penny said “Hurt and lonesome Come visiting its nighest kin to pick a play”Perhaps the sibilance of their whispers reached beyond the closed window or their scent drifted to the wolf’s nose Soundlessly it turned left the dogs and clambered with difficultly over the fence and was gone into the night Jody asked “Will it do harm here”Penny stretched out his feet to the embers on the hearth “I mis doubt it’s in shape to catch itself a suare meal I’d not dream of bothering it A bear’ll finish it or a panther Leave it live out the rest of its life”They suatted together by the hearth caught up in the sadness and the strangeness It was a harsh thing even for a wolf to be so alone that it must turn to the yard of its enemy for companionship Jody laid his arm across Flag The Yearling is a classic that belongs on the list of great American novels Yet it also has its share of problems As I mentioned earlier the book is very slow in sections and is often overly sentimental Yet there is a life to this novel a lush urgent joyous life that for me made it well worth my time