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Download kindle ò The Western Lands Û 258 pages ✓ William S. Burroughs ↠ ✼ The Western Lands Epub ✿ Author William S. Burroughs – The Western Lands is the eagerly awaited new novel by the most visionary American novelist of the twentieth ceS and testing the possibilities of biological mutation can man escape a dead end world of blasted dreams and atomic finale And presiding over all is the haunting figure of the old writer who shares in the fate of his characters in being finally unable to write himself out of Time and into Space The Western Lands continues and extends one of the great literary odysseys of our time adding to Burroughs's awesome literary style and black humor chilling touches of elegy and autobiography It is at once Burroughs's most personal and most universal work yet another masterwork from the reigning genius of the American literary avant gar This is a beautiful book Burroughs is much calmer here than in his famed Nova trilogy which actually makes his satire even sharper as he himself seems to be coming from a stable position in his own life Now he's comfortable to transition into straight forward digressions on mortality and Egyptian mythology musings Not for everyone of course being Burroughs there are of course multiple sections with bizarrely graphic sexual violence and perhaps information on centipede venom than the average reader could care for but this is essential for anyone with an interest in WSB

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The Western Lands is the eagerly awaited new novel by the most visionary American novelist of the twentieth century–a haunting Book of the Dead for the nuclear ageEvery new work from the pen of William S Burroughs is an important literary event This is especially so in the case of The Western Lands For in this novel Burroughs completes a trilogy that began with Cities of the Red Night and The Place of Dead Roads with a profound revealing and often astounding meditation on the themes of mortality loneliness nuclear peril–and the inextinguishable hope for an existence beyond bodily deathThe symbolic vehicle Burroughs uses he The final book in the wild and crazy Red Night trilogy by one of America's greatest avant garde authors Here are just two uotes from a brilliant book that is full of such musings“It is inconceivable that Homo sapiens could last another thousand years in present form People of such great stupidity and such barbarous manners And what do years mean apart from human measurement and perception? Does time pass if there is no one there to register it’s passing? Of course not since Time is a figment of human perception”“Messages from headuarters? What headuarters? Every man for himself—if he's got a self left Not many do”

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The Western LandsRe is ancient Egyptian mythology a long standing interest of his The Western Lands of the title are the territory to which the Egyptians believed the souls of the dead made a hazardous pilgrimage in their uest for true immortality The uesters–Joe the Dead Kim Carsons the scribe Neferti Hassan i Sabbah the Old Man of the Mountain–travel through an unmistakably Burroughs esue universe of appalling danger and otherworldly beauty–now the back alleys of ancient Egypt now bombed out Berlin now the Old West of the shootists Their hallucinatory journeys express the author's belief that only through facing the most extreme danger William S Burroughs is one of my visionary writers That means I believe he did something like what the prophets did at one time They saw and wrote things that were not entirely comprehensible but those writings reveal things about life and were usually a critiue of society Other writers I consider to be in this category are Plato William Blake John Milton Arthur Schopenhauer Henry David Thoreau JRR Tolkien Jean Paul Sartre and Philip K Dickview spoilerThis book begins with the claim by the author that throughout his life he independently worked out a view of what happens to mortals when we die He said it turned out that his view coincides with the ancient Egyptian description of how the 7 souls of a person attempts to make the trek across the desert to the Western Lands when we die The book moves on to the story of an elderly writer who had written only one famous book a long time ago and who was living in an abandoned railroad car The book continues with episodes of the kind we expect from William S Burroughs The book ends with the death of that writer hide spoiler