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Send Yeong hye spiraling deep into the spaces of her fantasy In a complete metamorphosis of both mind and body her now dangerous endeavor will take Yeong hye impossibly ecstatically tragically far from her once known self altogeth Update #2 I've gotten enough comments from dudes for me to update this review Oddly enough it's just dudes too No woman has commented about how I'm wrong about Kang saying the book is an allegory for South Korea And I can only guess it's because women ACTUALLY READ THE FUCKIN DESCRIPTION From the dust jacket AND the product description here on Goodreads A disturbing yet beautifully composed narrative told in three parts The Vegetarian is an allegorical novel about modern day South KoreaCome on guys You can't be this fucking denseUPDATE Since reading this book I've seen numerous reviews from women who claim this book speaks to the hidden violence and hate women keep in their heart I am of course not a woman and do not claim to know the struggles of the opposite sex but I am willing to admit that I might have missed something a woman might easily find As stated in my review the author herself has said the book is an allegory for present day South Korea When discussing the book Kang mentions nothing about any female metaphors but if women are finding them that's cool That means Han Kang's art is affecting a large group of people in ways the author didn't intend I find that fascinating and exceedingly cool I however did not enjoy the book as a whole and stand by my review and rating I've added this update to perhaps persuade you ladies who enjoy literary fiction to give this novel a try I'm a dude and will only ever be a dude and dudes are notoriously short sighted when it comes to the ladies So give it a go and see if it speaks to you as it has so many others Now on to the review The Vegetarian is my first real disappointment of 2016 Too bad too because it was going so wellHere we have a story that starts off creepy and interesting Then about 60 pages in it slams face first into a tree and like Sonny Bono never recovers Too soon The first third of the book the novel is broken up into three 60 page sections is told in first person past tense The second part switches to third person past tense and while still an interesting part of the story caused the narrative to come to a grinding halt while we have to get to know a whole other person only to relive entire sections of the first sixty pages And then finally in the third part the author swings into third person present tense and completely shits the bed We're forced to get to know someone else that doesn't matter and relive certain aspects of both the first and second parts This is a novella stretched into a 188 page novel Supposedly it is an allegorical study of present day Korea but I cannot comment on the accuracy of that statement All I know is I was onboard until the author started switching POVs and tenses and repeating shit ad nauseum as if this were the novelization of Vantage Point Anyone remember that movie The non crazy uaid brother plays a secret service officer or some shit The entire story is only about 15 minutes long but it's told from the perspectives of like eight motherfuckers Oh well It's an all right movie Better than this book at any rateHoly kitten nipples where the fuck was IOh yeah Shit book Well that's not fair It's not a completely shit book The first 60 pages are rad The next sixty pages are okay The last 60 are pointless and boring Overall a very unbalanced read Had I paid for this one instead of getting a review copy from Crown Publishing in exchange for the review you are currently reading I probably would've been pissedIn summation Allegorical or not this book failed on certain levels for me The last time I saw something go this bad this uickly was when we found out Jared from Subway was forcing underage boys to eat his footlong Not recommendedFinal Judgment I wanna like you but you're you and I don't like you

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채식주의자Before the nightmare Yeong hye and her husband lived an ordinary life But when splintering blood soaked images start haunting her thoughts Yeong hye decides to purge her mind and renounce eating meat In a country where societal s Well um yeah soI guess that was good maybe Kinda weird I think Definitely a bit much oh no doubt but Poignant perhaps certainly heart strings were tugged however Confusion Yes That's it or maybe not 100% sure I was 90% moved by being 80% lost while at the same time being 70% disturbed This book yup it's sure I guess

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Download 채식주의자 Book ¹ 188 pages Ý ☀ 채식주의자 PDF / Epub ✍ Author Han Kang – Before the nightmare Yeong hye and her husband lived an ordinary life But when splintering blood soaked images start haunting her thoughts Yeong hye decides to purge her mind and renounce eating meat BefAre strictly obeyed Yeong hye's decision to embrace a “plant like” existence is a shocking act of subversion And as her passive rebellion manifests in ever extreme and frightening forms scandal abuse and estrangement begin to Nope This is the story of two sisters their husbands one woman's tendency toward violent graphic dreams Honestly I'm not sure what I was supposed to take from this book I'm not going to pretend for the sake of sounding intelligent or profound that I got itI absolutely did not enjoy reading this and I'm thankful it was over uickly The men in this book are repulsive selfish and I could not identify with either sister The lack of straightforward communication between all of the characters was consistently annoying And maybe that was the point I don't know Maybe I was supposed to feel irritated throughout the whole novelMaybe the outright objectification of both women by every single male they come into contact with was supposed to speak to societal expectations between men womenMaybe the lack of agency both women seem to have was supposed to encompass widespread lack of agency among women in general Maybe all the weird sexually graphic imagery was a parallel for the mass produced detached uality of the porn industry Maybe my lack of experience with the culture prevents me from understanding the higher meaning hereTruly I don't knowRegardless of the intended message or what others seem to have taken from this novel reading this was frustrating I don't think the method of delivery worked for me You win some you lose some I guess