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characters Dangerous Science 107 × [Download] ➵ Dangerous Science By Sidney Swann – Dedicated scientist Gladys DeWalt is a rising star in a Victorian community of scholars and explorers influenced as much by politics as discovery So when her highly touted mission to excavate a legend Dedicated scientist Gladys DeWalt isDedicated scientist Gladys DeWalt is a rising star in a Victorian community of scholars and explorers influenced as much by politics as discovery So when her highly touted mission to excavate a legendary shipwreck ends in devastating failure the Council of Scholars deals her another devastating blowStripped of her title she's demoted to status of Intellectual Ward and placed under the authority of Sebastian Cromwell a forme. When the proud fall they land hard Gladys DeWalt is a shining star who is rapidly falling out of the sky She's a scientist whose mission failed and her punishment is to not only be demoted but re assigned to a new mentor Sebastian Cromwell Sebastian taught Gladys at one point and his strict reuirements and high expectations frightened Gladys To be completely under his thumb again is than she can bearMs Swann is a new to me author and she shows great potential She creates an interesting steampunk world She captures the Victorian society and mixes it just right with guilds and steam driven machinery Hopefully there will be in this world so she can expand upon the world she's built so far Her characters are well done Gladys is easily understandable She is flawed just right for this story to work Sebastian is a perfect balance for her headstrong impulsive behaviour Incorporating domestic discipline into this story enhances a reader's enjoyment The attention to detail Ms Swann uses in her descriptions of Sebastian's Library as well as the underworld to Nigel's secret laboratory is divine She incorporates than just sight Her description of scent helps make these places vivid and come alive The undercurrent of erotica through the disciplining spankings is so delicious Seeing Gladys being corrected is so good She needs maintenance spankings and perhaps a good figging Sebastian is a sexy stoic character He is logical and exudes a dominant presence Even his mechanical body parts is attractive The story does feel rushed to a conclusion From the point of the villain's plot revealed to the resolution it moves fast and concludes too uickly A couple of the secondary characters seemed to be left hanging They were mentioned in a way that made them important yet when it came to the resolution of the story their contribution fizzled out This yields a 35 star ratingThis steampunk romance is recommended for domestic discipline lovers  I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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R professor she remembers as stern and exacting Gladys feared Cromwell as a student and fears him since his accident and transformation as part automaton by rogue scientist Nigel Longbridge Cromwell may look and function like a man but he's as cold and clinical as the gears under his skin He takes Gladys on to settle an old debt but informs her from the outset that he will not brook any disobedience or disrespect When Glady. I wasn't sure what to expect from this but I ended up enjoying this than I thought I would The characters are interesting though things move a little uickly in ways than one ; but I didn't find it completely beyond belief I loved the submersible they end up withI do have to say that what really really bothered me was the lack of a good editor There were many misspellings misused pronouns and wrong words but the worst were the places that simply made no sense as if the middle of the paragraph had been removed and then slammed together Or sentences that made no sense In bad novels I just find it sort of painfully funny but in ones I think are good with real potential it upsets meI went through a stage of idiotic hubris where I figured I edited through my manuscripts enough times I didn't need to pay anyone to look at it When I became an editor for a while the truth hit home hard about that especially when I found mistakes nearly identical to the kind I make I didn't find them so uickly in my own work but someone else's Nasty bit of reality I don't know what the situation is here but all I can advise is to persevere and I hope you'll find it as worthwhile as I did

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Dangerous ScienceS defies him she is punishedBut under Cromwell's stern demeanor is the lingering shadow of humanity and as the dashing automaton comes to admire his ward's intelligence and drive he begins to uestion what really caused her mission's failure
What he discovers will shake the Council of Scholars to its core and give Gladys a chance to redeem her name and win the love of a man who thought he was now beyond emotional connectio. Surprisingly fun readI very much enjoyed this book my only complaint being that it was over too uickly But this isn't just the flattering 'I loved the characters so much and didn't want it to end' critiue after presenting compelling characters an intriguing setup wonderful alternate science it feels like everything wraps up too neatlyThis was the only book by Sidney Swann I could find but would love to see by her and there are so many stories in this world of the Council of Scholars I'm sure she could explore I highly recommend this for anyone interested in steampunk romance