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FREE EPUB ¾ MOBI The Wolfs Healing Touch Wolves of Stone Ridge #22 î 9781771118903 ´ ❰Reading❯ ➼ The Wolfs Healing Touch Wolves of Stone Ridge #22 Author Charlie Richards – Out of the Cage Sometimes a healing touch comes from a predatorOut of the Cage Sometimes a healing touch comes from a predator Having been raised by his puma shifter godfather Edwin Aldridge has always known that paranormal creatures exist Edwin works as a genetic engineer attempting to apply a shifter’s healing abilities to humans When Edwin learns that another scientist has done something similar he looks forward to reviewing his work Edw I have a feeling this series is about the shifter scientist government arc and not so much the individual couple's stories anyI didn't mind the less than usual amount of sex in this book and I did like that Edwin had an interesting history with shifters I was also really glad that the geeky smaller human gets to top too Now I was totally annoyed by the OTT bad guys and homophobic rants of the director I mean seriously? He's trying to come to an agreement with the paranormals and the government and he's going to be a stupid homophobic ass at the table? Really? I was annoyed “This is a business meeting not a night club” Director Jeffries snarled “Save the mooning for later Fucking fags”The director mumbled the last couple of words in a low tone but evidently everyone heard them”Of course the baddie is even worse Cause you know assholes have to be homophobes Can't just be a run of the mill asshole and killer “Haroldson’s lip curled “You perverts should all be tracked down and strung up” he snarled“Yes Good thing it’s not up to your bigoted mind”Oh well besides that I liked it and I can't wait for Toby to get his guy So for a uick easy predictable shifter mate grrrrowl story this was it

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About the human so they can build a life together Then Byron learns that Edwin is a scientist working on shifter DNA He’s devastated and turns his back on the human While Byron regrets the decision how can he bond with a man that wants to do the same thing as the people his pack spent years tracking down and stopping? Will the mate pull be enough to help them find common ground Edwin was a Geek in the street and a Freak in the sheets And I love it But I agree with the other reviews that the scientist perspective was a fresh take on things But the story itself was a little bit loose for me I felt like I had some uestions at the end ya know? Like who is Craigson and how does he fit in? How come when Edwin said he was in college at 14 Byron didn't even react? Did he already know that? Little things but I was just like hmmI am hoping that Toby and craigson will show up in future books I do think that the government Shifter alliance will be a source of drama in our future

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The Wolfs Healing Touch Wolves of Stone Ridge #22In uickly becomes infatuated with Byron the wolf shifter who delivers the information Remembering his godfather’s stories Edwin realizes the wolf shifter is his mate Unfortunately once Byron learns about Edwin’s research the wolf shifter rejects him When Byron Ziegler scents Edwin he knows the skinny government agent is his mate He plans to pursue him eager to learn everything That title makes no sense HuhBut anyway this volume was definitely okay Just not entirely fulfilling I might blame Byron for this but it’s a little than his moments of slight and inexplicable jerkdomJumping right in I hate it when people don’t listen to what someone is saying sigh Jared to the rescue He really still is one of the best things about this series Sadly he doesn’t make up for Byron being judgemental across the boardI think one of the main reasons why the sex in these connected series tends to leave me cold is that there’s never any build up People meet and often than not they start pawing at each other right away To me that seriously reduces any chance of sexual tensionCroon count three That’s better The crooning had gotten a little out of hand for a few volumesOn the other hand we’re slapped with the “soon to be lover” twice I realize this is my pet peeve and might not bother anyone else but seriously You’ve already made out enough to be close to orgasm and stated several times your intentions to have sex before the day is done At that point trust me there’s nothing “soon to be” about being lovers Only about being fucked Fucking Either Both“And in fifty plus years when you haven’t aged a day and I’m getting gray hairs?”Dude Optimism much? You think you’ll only start getting grey hair when you’re over seventy? XD view spoilerByron could guess but he didn’t want to speak ill of Edwin’s godfather Selfishness pure and simple He didn’t want to run the risk that Edwin would ask to bond with Dillan just to live longer and stay together Or that could even be described as selflessness wanting his godson to live a full life on his own rather than tying him to someone who’d never truly love him as a mate should hide spoiler