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kindle ✓ Crude World The Violent Twilight of Oil Hardcover read ✓ peter maass Ù ✹ [BOOKS] ✭ Crude World The Violent Twilight of Oil By Peter Maass ❃ – A stunning and revealing examination of oil's indelible impact on the countries Ecuadorians in an unprecedented lawsuit against Chevron a Russian oil billionaire imprisoned for his defiance of Vladimir Putin's leadership and Nigerian villagers whose livelihoods are destroyed by the discovery of oil Rebels royalty middlemen environmentalists indigenous activists CEOs their stories deftly and sensitively presented tell the larger story of oil in our time Crude World is a startling and essential account of the conseuences of our addiction to oi A great book if you're worried about the devastating effect oil has had on the environment but feel like you don't know enough to confidently understand why you feel worried Crude World spells it outThis book read to me like a combination of investigative journalism with solid social commentary and a pinch of travel narrative because of the varied locations he visits and the evocative like you're really there way he describes them There is an emphasis on drawing input from sources all over the spectrum of oil's economic political and cultural sphere of influence the author speaks to politicians warlords oil executives lawyers working both for and against the industry activists and affected locals Maass doesn't work his way up to his declaration that oil destroys everything it touches but plainly states it and lets the evidence do the rest He isn't out to politely change mindsOne of the most compelling aspects of the book is that Maass personally visits his locations many of which are considered to be dangerous to visit especially for journalists and reporters who uestion or risk appearing to uestion a status uo with incredibly rich power addicts at the top This isn't because the book rests on anecdotal evidence but often out of apparent necessity several of the people Maass speaks to are living under or working for corrupt regimes Even so his tone sometimes borders on impersonal not because he's removed from his subject but because he's trying to describe several colossal problems on a human scale and that is incredibly difficultI was impressed by this book and learned a lot from it It made me want to go and learn from recent publications on the topic since the playing field has unuestionably changed since 2009

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Petroleum remaining in the country's largest reservoir; to Euatorial Guinea where two tennis courts grace an oil rich dictator's estate but bandages and aspirin are a hospital's only supplies; and to Venezuela where Hugo Chávez's campaign to redistribute oil wealth creates new economic and political crisesMaass a New York Times Magazine writer also introduces us to Irai oilmen trying to rebuild their industry after the invasion of 2003 an American lawyer leading Disappointing in that it focuses almost entirely on the damage done to the oil producing economiessocieties rather than the consumers Although there's a brief analysis of Ira and an implicit acknowledgment that oil was and is the main reason we're there it's only implicitIf you're looking for a decent history of what has happened to oil producers over the past 30 years read it here If you're looking for a book that focuses on the future of both producers and consumers as the subtitle the violent twilight of oil might lead you to believe this is this isn't the book

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Crude World The Violent Twilight of OilA stunning and revealing examination of oil's indelible impact on the countries that produce it and the people who possess itEvery unhappy oil producing nation is unhappy in its own way but all are touched by the resource curse the power of oil to exacerbate existing problems and create new ones In Crude World Peter Maass presents a vivid portrait of the troubled world oil has created He takes us to Saudi Arabia where officials deflect inuiries about the amount of I heard this guy speak at the recent ASPO USA conference He's good This book is very much human interest journalism no need to worry about charts and graphs here or tortuous explanations of depletion rates He goes to Africa central Asia and all over the world to talk to people affected by oil and the oil industry He said that writing this book was difficult even than writing about war because at least in a war there are people shooting at each other which you can write about The book was very revealing to me about how totally corrupt even an oil rich society can be and how no one is really in charge of figuring out how oil should best be used either in this country or anywhere else either It's just really chaos everyone is in there trying to exploit it before it's all gone which will likely be sooner than we think we're probably close to or past the point of peak oil