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SUMMARY Cold Deadly (Cold Justice: Crossfire, #1)

FREE READ ↠ Cold Deadly (Cold Justice: Crossfire, #1) ê ❰Reading❯ ➿ Cold Deadly (Cold Justice: Crossfire, #1) Author Toni Anderson – Hostage Negotiators can talk themselves out of anything—except falling in loveFBI Supervisory Special Agent Dominic Sheridan is an accomplisEcomes obvious a serial killer is targeting the FBI Together Dominic and Ava search for clues in the investigation all the while fighting a forbidden attraction that will complicate everything especially when the predator sets their sights on Ava In this exciting crossover series Toni Anderson introduces new characters alongside some reader favorit. The marvellous Toni Anderson scores again ‘Cold Deadly’ is the latest incarnation or rather the first of the spin off books of her FBI agents series and with it comes the same fantastic faultless type of writing that reminds me why I love romantic suspense so much SSA Dominic Sheridan and rookie agent Ava Kanas find themselves embroiled what apparently looked like a simple case of a retired agent committing suicide where soon it becomes clear that someone is targeting the FBI agents themselves as Dominic soon finds himself in the crosshairs of an investigation that blows up beyond his imagination From the onset it becomes clear that the case is a winding gritty and absorbing one so vividly painted—even with the sub plotdiversion that was eually hair raising—with the bleak but brutal shadow of violent deaths and the warped minds of serial killers There’s no doubt at all that Anderson can write and does it superbly I think I can’t say this enough about the uality of her prose as her protagonists and secondary characters are so cohesively put together that any prereuisite knowledge of her previous books isn’t needed to get lost in this tale of grand revenge edgy paranoia spellbinding action seuences and unintended or forbidden attraction Yet my only gripe strangely is about the romance which I found sidelined amidst the rocking suspense Dominic and Ava pushed together incidentally and their growing attraction is predictable though not without the amount of cold water each pours on the future of this so called relationship There’re so many reasons why this pairing wouldn’t work—Anderson herself provides these reasons in the protagonists’ individual musings—and I was left ironically convinced that ‘Cold Deadly’ would still have been a brilliant or perhaps even superb read if the romance hadn’t been even included at all The shining light here however was probably Ava Kanas herself My perspective on her went from dour to admiring to uncertain but what remained consistent was that Anderson had drawn up a pretty complex passionate and multi faceted protagonist who felt like a contradictory piece of work on so many levels yet owned a big heart that made it impossible not to feel for her when push came to shove Dominic Sheridan in contrast felt like he was left a little paler in the shade remote like the poor rich boy who shunned commitment who made a name for himself independently in law enforcement in spite of his rich family’s connections suddenly uestioning what he can commit to If length tends to become and issue of contention for several authors that I do like ‘Cold Deadly’ at around 400 pages made me grateful that Anderson took her time to weave everything together with intricate detail Surfacing from this a few days later I’m just happy to say that I had a bloody good time ARC by the author

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Hostage Negotiators can talk themselves out of anything except falling in loveFBI Supervisory Special Agent Dominic Sheridan is an accomplished expert in the Crisis Negotiation Unit Practiced professional used to dealing with high stake situations under tense conditions Dominic is a master at manipulating people Everyone that is but the headstrong. Cold and Deadly kept me on the edge of my seat until the jaw dropping end Toni Anderson is a true master of the genre delivering tight plotting and a sizzling slow burn romance that left me breathless and panting for ”NYT bestselling author Annika Martin


Cold Deadly Cold Justice Crossfire #1Rookie agent bent on destroying her fledgling career As a child Ava Kanas put her life on the line when the mob executed her father Now someone has killed her mentor the man who inspired her to become an FBI agent and she’s the only one who recognizes it was anything but a tragic accidentWhen another agent is murdered and Dominic nearly dies it b. Fairly fast pace read A couple of twists and at least one I didn't see that coming I had an inkling as to who the bad guys were but a few red herrings had me second guessing myself Not a bad read enough to keep me on this series4 stars and a thumbs upFrom the blurb FBI Crisis Negotiator Dominic Sheridan is adept at dealing with high stake situations under treacherous conditions But nothing prepared him for the headstrong rookie agent Ava Kanas who seems hell bent on destroying her fledgling career while in pursuit of justiceWhen several agents die in uick succession it becomes obvious a killer is targeting the FBI and Dominic in particular Together Dominic and Ava race to find the murderer all the while fighting a forbidden attraction that will complicate everything especially when a predator has them in their sights