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Doc Ð Drama Girls ´ Mia Archer The church girl and the drama geek Two wildly different worlds come together as two girls fight for love Chloe I tried to be good Go to church Stay out of trouble They told me to avoid temptation when I got to high school but that was before I met Sarah Now I'm dealing with scary new feelings and doing things I never could've imagined a year ag A little trip down memory laneThis story is rather nostalgic for me Much of my high school years were split between church youth group and drama club I brought a few of my friends from drama with me to youth group even My experiences were from a long time ago and not in a really strict denomination but I had many friends who were defying their church rules when we went to see movies together or to the school dance By high school I stopped wondering if they worried about it when we were in drama club togetherIn addition to the fond memories I enjoyed the strong characters excellent chemistry and wonderful use of historical perspective Mia Archer employed in Drama Girls Also as with many of her recent YA novels there is a strong sense realism to the story that makes it seem special It just seems grounded in a personal truth on a deep level even if the events and characters are entirely fictional I've always enjoyed Mia's writing but I feel lately I've enjoyed it even I received an ARC copy of Drama Girls in exchange for a fair and honest review

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Drama Girls Epub à 306 pages ✓ Mia archer ✓ [Download] ➿ Drama Girls ➻ Mia Archer – Horticulturetrader.co.uk The church girl and the drama geek Two wildly different worlds come together as two girls fight for love Chloe I tried to be good Go to church Stay out of trouble They told me to avoid temptatio O Starring in a play Standing up to my youth pastor Kissing a girl My whole world has been turned upside down and I think I love it Sarah I figured love was something that'd have to wait for college when I came out Girls who are into girls were in short supply in our small town Then I met Chloe Sweet Innocent Beautiful Totally unaware that she' 35 Stars rounded upThis is a really good story with really relatable characters Living in a small town and being ueer is hard because you never know how they’re going to react but always expect the worst I also really relate to Chloe’s experience with her mom; I was always worried about how my parents would react to my own ueerness but the reality is that they still love me and just want the best for me for me to be happy and in a healthy relationship Luckily I have never had to deal with anyone like Pastor Dave in my life but I can definitely seeing him being inspired by real people and the damage someone like him can inflict especially on young different kids and teensMy problems largely lie with editing Commas were a thing sorely lacking and some weird capitalization happened from time to time There’s also a continuity error near the end because when Chloe’s Mom meets Sarah she introduced herself as Tracy but Pastor Hall calls her MonicaOverall I enjoyed the story and the pacing and development of the relationship between Chloe and Sarah felt well done and very organic Some stuff in story got repetitive but still flowed well and felt like a solid conclusion

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Drama GirlsS into girls Don't get involved with church girls Too much baggage Too much crazy It was a good rule to live by but Chloe's breaking down all my barriers and making me break all my rules The uiet church girl discovering her sexuality and the out and proud drama geek who's falling for her Can they overcome their differences for a chance at love? This is the perfect book for YA The uestioning of the main characters is realistic Also the fact that the author shows both the negative of religion and positive Yes there are bad people out there but not all are bad The character of Chloe is especially well written and I feel would be helpful for many young people who can relate to the situation she is in Also no sexual content so a good starter book