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Book í Kill Count Death Ship #1 Í 964 pages Download ✓ Horticulturetrader Ú [Read] ➯ Kill Count Death Ship #1 By Michael-Scott Earle – When Sergeant Jay Lucas is snatched away from his family farm by a diabolical sentient spaceship he thought hiAlien mercenary company he’s soon on the run with a gorgeous space princess Urged to harvest souls by his AI partner Jay must learn to put his awesome powers to work for the good guys The universe just got a whole lot dangerous and a hell of a lot fu I f'n love this book The MC is alright That AI tho I'd have his kids I swear to god I would I loved the AI it was like having that one friend of yours that has nothing but bad ideas but every once in a while you give in and do something stupid with them that ends up with you telling your other friendssee what had happened was Yeah it's kinda like that But the only difference is that you ALSO MC doesn't have a well of inspiration to pull from so your MC great ideas are only marginally better than your friends Bad ideas The witter banter between the MC and the AI is what really keeps the book afloat If you've ever played Portal you know what I'm talking about I am thoroughly endorsing this book for anyone who's into space opera Be thee warnedThere is a LOT of cursing gratuitous amount of death and off the wall shenanigans throughout this bookIF you're looking for what I gen read that has massive sex romps in it Pass this up But if you want someone who specializes in doing dentistry with a sledge hammerstep right up

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When Sergeant Jay Lucas is snatched away from his family farm by a diabolical sentient spaceship he thought his life was over But when his AI captor pumps Jay full of an insanely powerful liuid metal armor he soon discovers the kidnapping was only the To easyWhy does every tv show movie or book of the type with guns always turn into hand to hand combat?Stand back and shoot the dude with the knives till he's a pile of gooI liked the idea of using soul power to upgrade the ship and the armor however the personality of the ship is gratingThe lead female goes from hate to he's so intriguing awful uick and for no good reasonThe sister was understandable however this will turn into another silly herem series where females throw themselves at the hero for no good reasonI won't be reading book two but will recommend this as an okay read

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Kill Count Death Ship #1Beginning of his trials As the bloodthirsty AI trains Jay to harvest souls and increase the duo’s power Jay learns there is a whole universe of bad guys who need killing And when Jay’s unwavering moral compass puts him at odds with the plans of an I have followed this author since discovering his Destroyer series a little over a year ago So far this is my third favorite series that MSE writes behind the Destroyer and Star Justice series and before the Tamer seriesThis is one of the best first book of a series that I have read in a while A little slow of a start but then the book jumps right to the action Several homages to Star Wars just a shame the hot twins did not call the hero Obi Jay Kenobi and let him know he was their only hope with a little white robot There is great combat action in this book with minimal boring stuff between No graphic sex in this first book unlike some of the author’s other works I like the twist with the hot twins any guy who has dated a woman with a sister twin or not knows his butt is toast if he looks at her sister Jay thought he was in trouble as there are very few men out there who have not dreamed of being with a pair of hot twinsThe powered armor suit with the leg spikes reminded me of the Glitter Boy powered armor from Rifts Unusual and creative uses of a power suit in this book The author shows great creativity in creating unusual situations for his hero The prison assault is especially enjoyable one of the best that I have readI didn’t care for the several repetitions of the whole character upgrade menu Reading the same menu again and again was annoying I dislike most LitRPG material and I can usually skip through it fairly fast but having to wade through the same menu several times irritated me Made me think that Jay was too damned stupid to remember what was on the menu and what he wanted to upgrade with the soulsUnless the author had a particular reason for listing that damn menu several times that I am unaware of that is the only real complaint I have about this book