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FREE PDF ï BOOK Damiano's Return ✓ HORTICULTURETRADER í ❴Epub❵ ❧ Damiano's Return Author Lynne Graham – Missing Husband Found AliveDamiano Braganzi is back Damiano the husband whom Eden James had thought she'd never see againEden and Damiano had been married onlyR love for Damiano is as strong as ever she fears that he will want a divorce unless she can overcome her hang ups in the bedroom The h is completely defenseless against the pit of vipers that is the H's family She makes absolutely no good decisions ever It still might be worth a read because good grief these people are awful

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Damiano had been married only a short time when he disappeared and things had not been good between them So though Eden knows he The soap opera is alive and kicking this oldie by Lynne Graham It's a second chance romance with a twist because the H has been imprisoned in a fictional South American banana republic and his wife and relatives don't know he's alive until after 5 years have elapsed I couldn't mesh with the heroine Eden that much She's had an extremely conservative upbringing and was therefore very prudish in the bedroom with her husband the H That had caused much distress in and out of the marriage bed and the couple's troubles were compounded by the fact that the heroine was very uncomfortable and unhappy living in the same mansion with her husband's snobbish and hateful siblings Eden was a bit of a martyr too because she suffered in silence when she should have confided in Damiano The H returns to find his wife living on her own and supporting herself as a seamstress His brother had failed to provide her with money for living expenses and she couldn't use the H's money since his funds had been frozen as his death had yet to be determined I could have happily given this 5 stars if Eden had not made the dumbest move ever by taking the blame for her sister in law's adultery A few months after Damiano went missing his brother's slutty wife Tina had started having an affair with a childhood friend of Eden's The paparazzi had taken photos of the couple's clandestine meetings and since Tina was superficially similar to Eden a petite blonde and had borrowed the heroine's car everybody assumed that Eden was guilty of adultery The most stupid part of this was how Tina convinced Eden to take the blame since Damien was probably never going to return and it wouldn't be fair gasp the audacity for Tina and Nuncio's marriage to be destroyed over a little old affair I can't understand why Eden would make this huge sacrifice for a bitchy sister in law who had snobbed her and treated her like crap Firstly Eden would be ruining her own reputation That just pissed me off This girl had a very pristine reputation and was even prudish prim and proper and here she is willing to ruin her image for a cheating slag like Tina And even if Damiano never returned why was Eden willing to let his memory be tarnished by the rumours that she had turned to another man a mere 4 months after he went missing I couldn't blame Damiano for being mad as hell when he found out about this act of stupid martyrdom Of course before Damiano discovered that it was really Tina who was with Martin there was lots of angst and drama because he didn't believe Eden when she first told him the truth Damiano also suspects Eden had cheated because the new incarnation of Eden loves having hot sex with him In his calculating brain that meant obviously since former man whores don't know how to give wives the benefit of the doubt that Eden had been practising her sex skills with other men in this case Martin The soap opera drama gets upped with Martin blackmailing Eden by saying he would support Tina's story Dumbo Eden withdraws all her pitiful savings and gives it to her former friend turned snake Damiano was angry when all this was revealed but he located the photographer who had snapped the photos and was surprised to see that in the unpublished photos the woman had obviously been Tina Guess that newspaper will be getting a lawsuitAnother plot twist is added to the soap opera when an old girlfriendformer fiancee of Damiano's enters the tale Annabel had been Damiano's fiancee years before he met Eden and she was also his sister Cosetta's bff Damiano had broken his engagement to Annabel when he overheard some gold digging comments she had made to her sister That hadn't stopped Annabel with the full cooperation of Cosetta from trying to break up his marriage to Eden Cosetta was such a vile witch of a sister even her name gives me the creeps because it sounds like some wart nose witch in a hypothetical Iberian fairy tale Anyway when Damiano had gone missing Annabel who had been pregnant with some other man's baby decided that the time had arrived to pull the long con She conned Nuncio and Cosetta into believing that her kid was fathered by Damiano and that the latter had made plans to divorce Eden marry her and live HEA DUNCio and Cosetta were such gullible fools that they ate that story up like fettucine shrimp mascarpone Towards the end the truth is revealed about Tina's adultery and DUNCio is suawking around like a headless chicken while Cosetta shrieks like the witch she is supposed to be Added to that revelation DUNCio and Cosetta are shocked to discover that they've been giving tons of money to Annabel for the upkeep of her kid who is not related to them These simpletons really got a comeuppance because Damiano tells DUNCio that it's his hard luck he wasted his money on a scheming liar like Annabel The scheming con artist turns up next all pale trembling and wringing her hands in anxiety because she doesn't have a cent to pay back the money Damiano threatens her with a lawsuit should any newspaper print a word about her son being fathered by him and he sends her on her way by telling her that it's up DUNCio to decide about the money The epilogue is lovely because the MC's have twin babies and are celebrating their wedding anniversary We also hear that DUNCio divorced Tina and found out via DNA testing that his daughter is not biologically his I felt not an ounce of sympathy for DUNCio after the way he had treated Eden Cosetta has been ignored by Damiano until Eden asked him to invite her to their babies' christening Lynne G loves to make her heroine be all sweet and full of the milk of human kindness to bitches who had been evil to them We also hear that Annabel rushed to marry some rich old man because DUNCio had started to demand repayment of his money As for the blackmailing snake Martin well he ends up in prison because his employers discovered proof of his embezzlement Lynne G really wraps up the punishment for the wrong doers in this novelThis was ok I confess I enjoyed the soap opera drama a lot than the actual romance because the latter seemed to take a secondary place to the former

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Damiano's ReturnMissing Husband Found AliveDamiano Braganzi is back Damiano the husband whom Eden James had thought she'd never see againEden and I had absolutely no recollection of reading this beforeI did a re read as I have learned the ways of HP a little since the first time I read this plus GR reviewers' reviews Boogenhagen StMargarets Ivy H made meHeroine is still the biggest spineless walk on me doormat ever A blancmange of a wife she stupidly pays off blackmail on the guy that WRONGED her she should have been blackmailing him and merely bleats at the evil woman who has gleefully framed herHowever and it's a big one once she becomes pregnant her spine stiffens and there is some brain activityOnce pregnant she actually gets angry shows some humor at the evil doers' comeuppance and shows glimmers of personalityAnother reason for three stars the totally epic and satisfying comeuppance of the evil doers Not up to Lynne Graham's standards No great chemistry just a little angstPlot Husband returns home after five years due to a kidnapping plot In the meanwhile evil elements in the family have plotted to get our spineless heroine outShe was frigid before he left but her resurrection has made her appreciate her time with him and cures her Due to other circumstances spoiler view spoiler she's accused of cheating so he assumes she learned passion elsewhere hide spoiler