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KINDLE ð µ Cynthia Hand The past few years held surprises than part angel Clara Gardner ever could have anticipated Yet through the dizzying high of first love to the agonizing low of losing someone close to her the one thing she could no longer deny was that she was never meant to have a normal lifeSince discovering the special role she plays among the other angel bloods Clara ha Our Boundless Interview ARC Giveaway with Cynthia Hand is upThis review is spoiler free and safe even if you haven't read the first two books in the series But if you haven't sheesh what are you waiting forAfter waiting for Boundless for so long I was strangely nervous about reading it When the package arrived I literally hugged it for a full minute because I knew what was inside All day long I was scared to even peek at the first page so it wasn't until after midnight that I started the book But my burning need to know how this incredible story ended kept me up through the night until I finally finished it at 4 in the morningThis final installment in the Unearthly series picks up shortly after the novella Radiant as Clara begins her freshman year at Stanford University She's trying to balance a normal life with her divine purpose as an Angelblood even as her dreams are plagued by disturbing visions Clara still feels the absence of those she loves even though Angela and Christian are both there at school with her and though her relationship with Tucker changed after Hallowed she just can't stop thinking about him Every decision Clara makes now has an impact on her future as well as the safety and happiness of those around herAs always with this series Boundless is beautifully written and filled with humor depth and emotion My favorite moments include a walk among the redwoods; Clara learning to impart her glory to help others; training sessions with an important tutor; unexpectedly poignant interactions with the still scary Samjeeza; the freedom and joy of flying; an arresting despairing vision of hell; a slow burning buildup to an exciting climax; and above all a gorgeous moment high on a rock with someone she holds dear I've also rarely seen parental love depicted in such a warm and loving way and there are scenes here that clutched at my heart unbearably I appreciate how full and busy and purposeful Clara's life is; each activity she undertakes and each relationship she maintains is a formative part of her but none of them define her as a person or as an angel I wish young adult novels took such care in showing this balance between life and love in a way that is so organic to the plotThere are however some elements that leave me conflicted For me it was a little too easy to guess who the traitor was; the pacing in the middle of the book felt a bit uneven and left me at odds with the romantic developments; and I thought Clara's relationships with both Tucker and Christian relied a bit too much on our past history and knowledge of what has come before I went into this book loving both boys and feeling that no matter what choice Clara makes I would feel okay with it because I thought it would feel right And in some ways that's still true I think most readers will be satisfied with how this complicated entanglement is resolved But because there is so much back and forth in this book as Clara is pulled between her feelings and because I struggle with how fair the conclusion might be to certain parties I'm not sure that I am uite there yet in celebrating what occurs Even though things wrap up pretty neatly here I feel like I still need closure so I'm kind of hoping that the author writes a follow up story one day I can dream rightBut love is a painful complex and ever evolving thing and the concerns of mere mortals don't always apply when it comes to angels Even with separation and danger and loss there is a great deal of hope and promise for this indelible trio as well as for Angela and for Clara's parents There is so much love in these books in its many different forms and I feel the glow of it long after I turn the last pageWithout a doubt this is one of the best paranormal romance series ever written Boundless is a strong and satisfying conclusion to an incredible series that sets a new benchmark for paranormal romance The passionate discussions about the books speak to the strong emotions that these characters inspire and I know that I am all the enriched for having known them While this particular book is bittersweet my heart is certainly lifted by the promise of things to come This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisherDon't miss our A with Cynthia Hand on January 25th We're going to be chatting about Clara's divine purpose the author's upcoming projects and obviously fangirling over Tucker and Christian We'll also be giving away our ARC to one lucky winner In the meantime you can also read our epic interview with Cynthia from last year here and here if you're interestedThoughtful discussion is absolutely welcome below but PLEASE USE SPOILER TAGS where appropriate It isn't fair to ruin this for people who haven't had a chance to read it yet

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READER ↠ DOC Boundless FREE ✓ CYNTHIA HAND ↠ [Reading] ➽ Boundless Author Cynthia Hand – The past few years held surprises than part angel Clara Gardner ever could have anticipated Yet through the dizzying high of first love to the agonizing low of losing someone close to her the on S been determined to protect Tucker Avery from the evil that follows her even if it means breaking both their hearts Leaving town seemed like the best option so she’s headed back to California and so is Christian Prescott the irresistible boy from the vision that started her on this journey in the first placeAs Clara makes her way in a world that is frigh Here's my full review spoilers aheadOk you guys I’m ready to speak I’m ready to shout it out to each and every one concern how much this book disappoints me I know it’s unfair to judge and rate it on who Clara ended up with It is totally and utterly unfair But the story did treat the ‘ one I preferred for her’ the exact same way I wish that he wasn’t that understanding I wish he did something awful I wish he wasn’t that supportive of her I wish there’s something negative to say about him But I come up empty handed Because if there’s one thing after all that has happened to them proved is that he completely definitely and truly LOVES her As in just her And not because of anything elseBefore I go to my main point I would like to tell you good people especially if you like the story regardless who she’ll end up with that the conclusion of this trilogy is actually well executed Ms Hand knitted all those lose threads So much sometimes I think it crushed all the possibilities I’ve been thinking right after I read it that is all connected to my main concern It was so clean so spotless that something made it a little flat to me But overall the story was fascinating while yes I would’ve changed few major details about it but I sincerely enjoyed majority of itNow let me start with my Christian Prescott centric review and please if you haven’t read Boundless and not too fond of spoilers discontinue reading this review now I’m about to recklessly gush and I don’t want to ruin anything for you But if you don’t mind then go ahead spoil to your heart’s content“I love you” he murmurs “Can you feel that You Not some destiny I think I’m called to You I’m with you My strength My soul My heart Feel it” – Christian to ClaraThe constant argument against Christian and Clara’s relationship is that it wasn’t love They were just connected because of their ‘purpose’ Sometimes that word irked me the most because after Hallowed ended I saw that Christian’s gestures were no longer just connected with their divine mission While I do admit that I think that Christian and Clara’s relationship started because of it That after he found out that Clara is also just like him triggered something in him But it was just that he found someone he can finally share intimate details of his life who very much knows his circumstances But than that I sincerely think that he fell in love with her because of the time they shared together He finally knew who Clara was The Clara beyond his vision The true Clara Gardner That she’s than the personangel blood mysteriously entwined with his their purpose She is just Clara The sarcastic fun beautiful and strong lady that he fell in love withYes bottom line is HE LOVES HER Purpose aside he truly loves her“But there’s something about you two when you’re together It’s like you fit” He grins Shrugs “He’s your soul mate” – JeffreyYou know what I hate the most is how the story established how they fit together How pleasant and romantic the idea of them together It’s like all facts headed straight to point A Christian the suddenly it went to point B Tucker I don’t have anything against Tucker I’m even on his team before my Unearthly review can attest to that But like I said why made Christian so damn supportive Why show us the possibility which make a lot sense than the time she was with Tucker I’m here asking those uestions Still asking them In Unearthly I was actually surprised that they ended up as an item But it only showed how Tucker grounded Clara’s life That it showed that her life is not driven by anyone but by herself It’s her life her wheel But in Hallowed during and after the situation she was with her mother and how Christian is there for her it showed a lot about their potential as a couple It says a lot about Christian as well and the way they support each other on that moment That they shared many things aside from their heavenly lineage If Christian found someone who can now understand him Clara did have that too with ChristianHis dedication for her in Boundless didn’t falter In fact all the important events happened with Clara or with the story Christian was there My head couldn't wrap the idea of Tucker getting the larger picture It was lackluster and shallow reason that he is her home And even if Clara was indecisive and insensitive Christian still never left her side Even if he bends his principles he will do it for her And all the major events even painful ones–especially painful ones the one person who is always there for her was Christian He had his devotion proved over and over again He’s so unselfish Isn’t that a characteristic of true love But yet all he had done are now pointless because he didn’t have what he deserves I’m not just talking about Clara If there’s one character that should’ve a well deserved happy ending that’s him“Maybe I’ll catch up with you in a hundred years or so” He smirks “I won’t call it waiting” – ChristianAh Christian how can you be so that Soalmost perfect And up until now he’s still hoping He deserves someone but my stubborn heart still aching for Clara I don’t know but I feel that his happiness will be complete with Clara at his side But Tucker’s new situation changed the ball game I hope his ‘longevity’ is not as long as Methuselah Because darn right that will crush my already itsy bitsy hopeAnyway I loved the story while I think Hallowed is the best book of the series for obvious and biased reason I still not taking what I said back that this series is one of the well written angel books or paranormal book out there I was actually amazed on the extent of her research for her story even going to the places personally It showed that she poured everything in here I might be upset and dissatisfied yes but that doesn’t change the fact it was an excellent storyAfter reading reactionToo many emotions I don’t know where to start Or how should I start There are expected awesome moments as well as heart crushing ones If you’re asking if it’s about CHRISTIAN it is I loved his character So much that the ending made every bit of the book pointless Yes I did not like the ending While I did mentally and emotionally prepare thanks to early re

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BoundlessTeningly new she discovers that the fallen angel who attacked her is watching her every move And he’s not the only one With the battle against the Black Wings looming Clara knows she must finally fulfill her destiny But it won’t come without sacrifices and betrayalIn the riveting finale of the Unearthly series Clara must choose her fate once and for all So Here we are at lastI don't know why good byes are called good byes and I don't want to say it to this series I don't want to I don'tIn the desolate barren land of YA angel fiction the Unearthly series is like a beacon of light A clara lux in obscuro better yet It is beautiful It is heartwarming And it may just be one of the paranormal series' I've read that I am extremely emotionally invested onThat's the main thing I love about this series really is that it's so real The writing and the dialogue between the characters is definitely something you'd find in contemporary novels It makes the characters seem to me like actual living people and it makes me care about them as if I know them personally It makes me feel for them Boundless was a breathtaking conclusion The same with Hallowed it was a rollercoaster of emotions only this time it's intensified I laughed I cried I cheered I yelled I cried some Cynthia Hand seems to know exactly how to hit me in the feels and splatter my emotions all over the wallsClara is one of my most favorite heroines She's so damn relatable and just likable I still can't exactly explain what it is about her that I love so much but she's never once annoyed me or came across as a Mary Sue And it helps that she's funny I think it's pretty hard not to root for her because there's just something about herTucker and Christian Tucker and Christian These two my God I love them both so much I honestly feel the same way about them as Clara does in the end But I really really love both of these two Cynthia Hand knows how to make a love triangle the right way because usually I'd pick one guy and stick with him or sometimes I'd pick neither But this series is an exception because both guys are so amazing Back when I read the first book I thought Christian was just a nuisance An obstacle I never expected to love him as much as I do nowAnd Tucker Tucker freaking Avery I will forever weep for the fact that you are fictionalWe're introduced to a new villain here and a new plot line I didn't really 100% understand what the motive of the Black Wings were here but it wasn't something that got to me because I've always thought that the characters were the highlight of the whole series and they're the main reason I love it as much as I do as I said before But the plot of the book was definitely gripping with many shocks and heart wrenching moments along the wayChapter 18 was hands down my favorite chapter of the book though We get a beautiful scene and I won't give away much but it involves Clara's mother And I hope when you read it it warms your heart as much as it did mineThe ending was so perfect So perfect that I just started bawling They weren't just sad tears though They were tears for every emotion I felt when I read this book reaching their peak and finally just bursting all at once Joy for the beautiful way it ended Sorrow and a little bit of anger that it's all over And of course undying and unconditional loveI really wish Cynthia Hand would possibly write a preuel telling of Clara's mother's story For the fact that I don't want this series to end and also because I genuinely want to know about her and what her life was like Sure we got lots of glimpses and stories of it from the series but I'd love the full experience from her point of view Surely I'm not the only one who wants this rightThis series is and will remain close to my heart And I think I've said all I wanted to sayAnd Cynthia Hand thank you For giving us all proof that there is still hope for YA angel fictionPre review thoughtsIT HAS A TITLEUpdate HOLY MOTHER FUCKING COVER OH MY FUCKING GOD COVER I CAN'T OMG HOLY FUCK SHIT HOLY PENGUINS OF THE MOTHER FUCKING WORLD OH MY GODDY GODDERSONThat coverI can't breatheSeriously though LOOK AT IT Fuck It goes beyond my expectations 3 So excited for this book but also a little sad because it's the last oneUpdate #2 Ohhhhhh not long now baby you will be MINE Come to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee