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mobi í The Sports Gene ↠ 338 pages Download µ David Epstein º ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ The Sports Gene ⚡ Author David Epstein – Now a New York Times Bestseller With a new chapter added to the paperback  In high school I wondered whether the Jamaican ATter are not and why other characteristics that we assume are entirely voluntary like an athlete’s will to train might in fact have important genetic componentsThis subject necessarily involves digging deep into sensitive topics like race and gender Epstein explores controversial uestions such asAre black athletes genetically predetermined to dominate both sprinting and distance running and are their abilities influenced by Africa’s geographyAre there genetic reasons to separate male and female athletes in competitionShould we test the genes of young children to determine if they are destined for stardomCan genetic testing determine who is at risk of injury brain damage or even death on the fieldThrough on the ground reporting from below the euator and above the Arctic Circle revealing conversations with leading scientists and Olympic champions and interviews with athletes who have rare genetic mutations or physical traits Epstein forces us to rethink the very nature of athleticism Is elite athletic performance the result of nature our genes or nurture environment and training Yes according to David Epstein’s The Sports Gene This engaging and illuminating work is a pleasure to read The anecdotes are amazing and humanize the scientific uestions and issues raised by the role of genes in sport Epstein does a great job of reporting the science without getting too technical but without dumbing it down or sensationalizing it He clears away the misunderstandings and misuse of the effect of genes We often he shows misascribe the influence of genes over attributing them in some cases while failing to see their role where there is a significant influence Part of the story here is that genes play significant and important roles in athletic performance but Epstein is careful not to overplay this First the target of his work here is extraordinary and elite performances These are athletes that are already well off the curve What he finds here isn’t going to necessarily translate back to the rest of us who live in the heart of the bell curve Second Epstein doesn’t want to disrespect or downplay the importance of the effort and hard work of these elite athletes Yes they often have amazing genetic gifts but without the effort and practice these gifts won’t amount to anything At the same time the book looks at the genetic contributions for effort taking and practicing Another important theme of the book is that a better understanding of the genetic roots of performance can help us improve performance The differences in our genetic propensities our genotype reuire in many cases different kinds of training and practice Our bodies react to training and practice differently and so to understand better how to improve our skills and outcomes we have to understand better how we respond to the environment and training One person’s strenuous cardio workout might be overkill tragically uite literally in rare cases for anotherEpstein doesn’t tackle the issue of genetic manipulation or gene doping head on but it certainly lurks throughout the book Over the last century the scientific and technological influence on training for athletic performance has increased immensely As our knowledge of the human genome and genetic technology increases will we see this influence extend beyond training into the athlete’s genetic makeup Epstein’s tentative response is that given the state of the science there is just too much unknown at this point to do this in any extensive or effective way But that knowledge is coming; it is of a when than an if I am fairly certain that as the knowledge increases so will the use of this knowledge to improve performance Epstein is agnostic ultimately on the wisdom or morality of doing this That wasn’t the point of the book so it is no fault But his work suggests much about this possible future Personally I think that as with most scientific and technological advances this will generally be a boon for human civilization and for sport I am not utopian though and recognize that it will come with some harms and dangers This is in part why it is important to get a better understanding of the science and learn about how nature and nurture interactAnother moral uestion not raised by Epstein but suggested by his book is how our understanding of the influence of our genes on performance affects our evaluation of doping If some people have natural advantages conferred by their genotype then is it really unfair for someone without those genetic advantages to use a drug to produce a similar effect For example Finnish athlete Eero Mantyranta has a genetic variation that makes his red blood count as much as 65 percent higher than that of an average man 274 His body is able to move oxygen to muscles much better than most and this all other things being eual gives him an advantage in endurance sport This is uite similar to the effect of taking EPO as a performance enhancer If one of the goals in athletic competitions is a level starting point for athletes then maybe we ought not ban EPO That is maybe allowing EPO would level the field for athletes that do not have the benefit of genetic advantages Is there a moral difference putting aside for the moment the wrongness of the rule violation between someone who has a performance advantage from their genotype and someone who has a performance advantage from taking a substance In fundamentally it begins to challenge the traditional concepts and evaluations of doping and performance enhancing While Epstein doesn’t deal with these issues the book is good place to learn in a non technical way about the scientific foundation for answering these kinds of moral and philosophical uestions For that reason alone it worth a read But it is also uite interesting on its own terms

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Ame their biological limits through sheer force of will and obsessive trainingThe truth is far messier than a simple dichotomy between nature and nurture In the decade since the seuencing of the human genome researchers have slowly begun to uncover how the relationship between biological endowments and a competitor’s training environment affects athleticism Sports scientists have gradually entered the era of modern genetic researchIn this controversial and engaging exploration of athletic success Sports Illustrated senior writer David Epstein tackles the great nature vs nurture debate and traces how far science has come in solving this great riddle He investigates the so called hour rule to uncover whether rigorous and consistent practice from a young age is the only route to athletic excellenceAlong the way Epstein dispels many of our perceptions about why top athletes excel He shows why some skills that we assume are innate like the bullet fast reactions of a baseball or cricket ba What an incredible read Every page contains incredible insight into the world of elite athletes and DNA research Nature or nurture Are elite athletes born or raised Epstein has written a stunning analysis of the research done on what makes some athletes better than others Leg length wing span country of origin parents running to school access to training venues coaches better than average eyesight It’s a brave new world out there and it’s an exciting time to watch developments in training regimes based on an athletes specific gene makeupHappy to recommend this book to anyone with an interest in sport Easy to understand as well

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The Sports GeneNow a New York Times Bestseller With a new chapter added to the paperback  In high school I wondered whether the Jamaican Americans who made our track team The Sports PDFEPUB or so successful might carry some special speed gene from their tiny island In college I ran against Kenyans and wondered whether endurance genes might have traveled with them from East Africa At the same time I began to notice that a training group on my team could consist of five men who run next to one another stride for stride day after day and nonetheless turn out five entirely different runners How could this beWe all knew a star athlete in high school The one who made it look so easy He was the starting uarterback and shortstop she was the all state point guard and high jumper Naturals Or were theyThe debate is as old as physical competition Are stars like Usain Bolt Michael Phelps and Serena Williams genetic freaks put on Earth to dominate their respective sports Or are they simply normal people who overc As a former college athlete I found this investigation into what makes great athletes absolutely fascinating David Epstein shows that there’s a lot of complicated middle ground to explore when it comes to the uestion of nature versus nurture