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TDel’s uest for help leads him to Valis an entity possessing the science fiction writer formerly known as Philip K Dick; to Mother Mariette a nun who inspires decidedly unchaste feelings; and to the Human League a secret society devoted to the extermination of demons All believe that Del holds the key to the plague of possession–and its solution But for Del the cure may be worse than the disease She didn’t know who the hell she was kick ass exorcist or shell shocked possession survivor Maybe everyone in the world was this inconsistent this fragmented All we could see of each other—all we could see of ourselves—was a ragged person shaped outline a game of connect the dots without enough dotsI took me a long time to finish reading this relatively short book I think most of that can be blamed on me—I have a lot of distractions going on right now But some of it can maaaybe be placed on this novelLet me back up for a second first though and tell you of my love for Daryl Gregory He had been on my TBR forever this book included when I read a short story of his in The Starlit Wood New Fairy Tales and it instantly became my favorite in that anthology I got one of his recent novels Afterparty which is set in the same universe as the short story and could not award enough gushy stars afterward He manages to combine his own uniue oddness with compassion and non maudlin sentiment in ways that you don’t see coming I wanted to cry when Afterparty was over because I just loved all of the characters so much This novel his first definitely feels like Daryl Gregory but maybe not prime Daryl Gregory? More on that in a moment What is this book about already?Del Pierce lives in an alternate version of our world where demons have been possessing humans since the 1950’s And these aren’t Pazuzu style Reagan McNeil demons so don’t bother calling the Catholics Speaking as an ex Catholic here call the Catholic Church when it's time to battle eternal evil? The calls are coming from inside the house sisNo one is sure exactly what the things doing the possessing are although there is lots of talk about neuroscience tinfoil coated conspiracy theories and Jungian archetypes all demons fulfill a predictable script that is uniue to them and thus makes them immediately identifiable One only possesses pretty little blonde girls who go to hospitals and kill the elderly and infirm with a kiss Another one the Painter just compels his host to silently make art They all can fuck up your life if they don’t outright end itDel who believes the demon who possessed him twice as a child never really left is determined to sneak into a Demonology conference in Chicago and find a neurosurgeon who can finally hopefully help him And a crazy unpredictable ride follows from there which involves lake monsters a foul mouthed female priest and the late novelist Philip K Dick I honestly was nervous about the Philip Dick part going in because it had the potential to go horribly wrong but somehow it works It's all very original and funny but the story seemed to lag in places I connected somewhat with Del and his brother but I struggled to get into other characters including the priest whom I expected to dig immediately and instead I’ve already forgotten her name I’m going to give this three stars but what’s odd is I can’t get the book out of my head now I loved the uote above for instance Maybe three stars isn’t enough But it’s how I’m rating this for now which still means it’s good Be sure to read Afterparty

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PandemoniumIt is a world like our own in every respect save one In the 1950s random acts of possession begin to occur Ordinary men women and children are the targets of entities that seem to spring from the depths of the collective unconscious pop cultural avatars some call demons There’s the Truth implacable avenger of falsehood The Captain brave and self sacrificing soldier The Little Angel whose kiss brin FANTERRIFIC STORY ALERT I love finding original diamonds like this cuz it makes my brain go As other astute people have chimed this story turned out to be much deeper and a lot different than I originally expected in a yippie yippie good way This book was such an enjoyable experience and made me want get a serious preach on sermonizing its greatness While containing elements of science fiction fantasy and horror I don’t think the novel neatly fits into any of those containers and spills uniueness over the cup of any genre that tries to hold it I'm gonna just wimp out and label it speculative fiction and move on because I am not the person to decide the proper name of new genre bending categories However that doesn't mean I'm not willing to throw on my Leopard mankini and Tarzan out singing the praises of this story Oh I will You just watch me The story takes the uniue approach of combining the scientificbiological study of mental illness with demonic possession and creating a combined phenomenon that is very compelling The blending of these two components was worth three Fuck Yeahs and a You go Boy all by itself BACKGROUNDThe story takes place in an alternate version of the United States where beginning around the 1940’s demonic possession has become a recognized and accepted phenomenon However the demonic possession in the story is uite different from our common perception of possession Here each “demon” has a particular traitcompulsion that they exhibit every time they appear There is the “Painter” who appears at the very beginning of the story and shuts down an airport terminal while it creates a picture of a farmhouse out of smashed popcorn Other identified demons include “Captain” “Smokestack Johnny” “The Truth” “Little Angel” “Kamikaze” and “Hellion” I will leave it to you to learn what each of the demons signature actions are because that is part of the enjoyment of the story Anyway most possessions last a very short time minutes to hours and the interruptions caused by the incidents have basically become a part of life like the Painter scene described above Possessions occur much often in people that have previously suffered some form of mental illness In addition once subject to a possession victims often suffer after effects very similar to various forms of mental illness even if not previously diagnosed with such a condition This tie in between possession and mental illness was delicious and gave the story an added depth and richness that was very compelling For instance just look at the similarities between these two real life examples PLOT SUMMARYI think the above gives a pretty good idea about the background of the story and I want to make sure I don’t spoil any of the fun of the book Therefore as far as the plot I will just say that the main character Del Pierce was possessed by the demon known as the Hellion when he was a wee lad Years later Del is still struggling with the after effects of the possession and desperately wants to find away to get rid of his symptoms The rest of the story is Del’s incredible journey to find a way to cure himself There are so many great pop culture references and tie ins during the story that I went completely Chumbawamba while I was reading it I don't want to spill the franks or the beans about them because they are such funsies to casually bump into so I will just say that they include super heroes science fiction writers secret societies folklore monsters an alternate “end” to the OJ trial and a Vast Active Living Intelligence System okay so I spoiled that one but it's in the book description so you can’t blame me FINAL THOUGHTSOverall a very uniue and original reading experience I thought the writing was great and the author’s use of tone was excellent It was often full of humor and yet also had an underlying sense of deep loneliness and sadness It is tough to walk that fine line and I think the author did a great job Highly Recommended 40 to 45 starsNominee Locus Award for Best Fantasy NovelNominee Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult LitNominee World Fantasy Award

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Download Pandemonium kindle · 288 pages ´ [Download] ➺ Pandemonium Author Daryl Gregory – It is a world like our own in every respect save one In the 1950s random acts of possession begin to occur Ordinary men women and children are the targets of entities that seem to spring from the dept It is a woGs death whether desired or not And a string of others ranging from the bizarre to the benign to the horrificAs a boy Del Pierce is possessed by the Hellion an entity whose mischief making can be deadly With the help of Del’s family and a caring psychiatrist the demon is exorcised or is it? Years later following a car accident the Hellion is back trapped inside Del’s head and clamoring to get ou What if possession was an epidemic? What if the same demons kept taking people over for short intervals over and over? What would they be? Are they demons? Is the cause religious or scientific? And what would it do to you to be one of the possessed?Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision hereIn the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook