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Each week Gabriel Romero’s drive to Sunday mass takes him past “El Ángel” the golden statue at the heart of Mexico City that haunts his memories and inspires his future Spurred by the memory of his parents Gabriel is drawn to the secretive world of lucha libre where wrestling performance art and big busine. Reviewed for Just Love I received an advance review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review Luchador was a thrilling and thought provoking read This will sound silly and doesn’t even begin to factor into why I enjoyed this book so much but it totally transported me back to my youth when I used to watch WWF and WWE Granted there are many differences between the Mexican and American leagues but the battle between good versus evil being played out in tights and masks are pretty familiar territory to meApart from being a wonderful tale of self discovery the book is an unapologetic love letter to the sport of Mexican wrestling Through Gabriel and a larger than life cast of characters Luchador explores the role of exóticos – male wrestlers in drag –and pushes the boundaries of their traditionally campy often effeminate roles within lucha libreRight from the beginning I empathized with young Gabriel whose loving parents died tragically as they tried to carve out a new life for their son in America He’s taken in by his aunt and uncle back in Mexico City and he grows up wanting for nothing Years later spurred by memories of his parents he eventually gives in to the lure of lucha libre and finds himself juggling university classes and a rigorous training schedule under the tutelage of premier exótico the enigmatic La RosaI loved the behind the scenes look into the nudge nudge wink wink tactics and the business end of the sport But I especially appreciated the internal conflict that Gabriel was faced with as he thought about his future – not just the push and pull of the age old themes of good versus evil light versus dark and traditional versus modern in the industry – but also what it would mean to be a gay luchadorAnother aspect I really liked was the supporting characters throughout the book many of whom were part of the business Despite the every changing costumes makeup and even stage names I was able to get a good grasp of their stories and their personalities I was also a big fan of Gabriel’s slow burning romance with American college athlete Jason who is the brother of one of Gabriel’s closest wrestling buddiesThe book was well written and well researched The author not only succeeded in bringing the characters and the sport to life but also the city itself – to the point where I now really want to visit Mexico City and not just to take in a match The book also came with a glossary of commonly used terms in Mexican wrestling which proved to be helpful for the uninitiated like myselfFor the most part I enjoyed the author’s frank understated writing style The only time her no frills tone didn’t work for me was during some of the action scenes in the ring which were well depicted but somewhat lacking in excitement or urgency That being said the final bout of course there’s a big final bout it’s a book about wrestling was simply thrilling and the book ended on the perfect note A highly recommended read

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LuchadorSs collideUnder the conflicting mentorships of one of lucha libre’s famed gay exótico wrestlers and an ambitious young luchador whose star is on the rise Gabriel must choose between traditions which ground him but may limit his future and the lure of sex and success that may compromise his independence Surroun. Let me preface this by saying I hate sports I hate doing them I hate watching them I really could not care less about any kind of sport ever in the whole world Okay Got that And somehow this book with it's absolutely breathtakingly beautiful prose and it's host of dynamic developed raw characters and the host of wonderful locations made me care about lucha libre—something I didn't even know was a thing until this book I struggle to put into words what it is about this book that makes it so intoxicating although I am going to partially blame that on Gabriel it's impossible to put down a book when from within a few pages you feel like you have a duty to the main character to see where his story takes him Finnegan weaves in the history and tradition of lucha libre without taking away from the story or without boring even the least sports minded of readers; but alongside that you also do just have an incredible story The ending was also particularly refreshing some part of me wondered if view spoilerGabriel would end up back with Arturo in a classic romantic twist with the dark brooding man but the author stops that cliché before it can even start Good on you Gabriel—Jason seems like a genuinely nice young man hide spoiler

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Luchador Download Ð 6 ð [Reading] ➭ Luchador ➵ Erin Finnegan – Each week Gabriel Romero’s drive to Sunday mass takes him past “El Ángel” the golden statue at the heart of Mexico City that haunts his memories and inspires his future Spurred by the memory of Each week Gabriel Romero’s drive to Sunday mass tDed by a makeshift family of wrestlers Gabriel charts a course to balance ambition sexuality and faith to find the future that may have been destined for him since childhoodFrom the author of Sotto Voce a coming of age story about finding your identity behind a mask Named one of Publishers Weekly's Best Books of. First off I must write a disclaimer I grew up watching the Gagne family wrestle My brother and I would beat the tar out of our living room furniture and sometimes each other mimicking the moves of Jesse Ventura Hulk Hogan Greg and Verne Gagne Mad Dog Vachon and other AWA superstars We watched the AWA eventually get pillaged by the WWF beginning when Hulk Hogan jumped ship in 1983 and I have not seen a wrestling match since I would have told you prior to reading this book that I would never in my life want to watch another wrestling match It was stupid It was staged It was a money making machine So many excuses Then Luchador made its way into my inbox and onto my tablet Holy COW you guys This book was named on Publisher’s Weekly’s list of best books of 2016 Do you want to know why Characterization storytelling and imagery The depth written into the characters in this book is incredible They are multi faceted flawed individuals Gabriel the main protagonist gets knocked down by life over and over; first at the age of eight when his parents are murdered then again by his lover as a young adult and finally by his boss in a plot twist I did not have seen coming at all but in hindsight it made perfect sense Arturo his lover is written as an antagonist but one you don’t want to hate Instead I found myself rooting for him throughout most of the book hoping he could turn himself around I will not spoil the ending for you so you have to read and find out if he does I could write pages and pages about Miguel Gabriel’s coach mentor friend and in some ways surrogate father Finnegan’s storytelling is incredibly rich The main conflict in the story is not between two characters but between Gabriel and life events; Gabriel and himself; Gabriel and his own philosophies Arturo plays a role Gabriel’s boss plays a role but in essence the main arc of the story is watching Gabriel grow from a hurting young boy into a passionate compassionate man despite everything life has to throw at him Finnegan’s masterful storytelling draws you in from the first page and wrings everything out of you as you root for the success this young man deserves turning page after page until the ultimate conclusion fills your soul with a sense of complete rightness The symbolism and imagery laced within the story is eually compelling I would love to sit down with other readers and discuss the importance of the theme of the Angel or the symbolism of the necklace or the significance of found family in this book I want to find a job as a professor somewhere just to teach this book and analyze it over and over again It will take me forever to mine all the nuances and shades of meaning in Finnegan’s words Perhaps my grad student friends can tackle that one for meBack to the wrestling Lucha Libre is as much a character in this book as Gabriel and Miguel It is also the setting To be honest when I first heard the premise of this book I thought “There it is The first IP book that will be painful to read” I was wrong Completely totally wrong In fact despite the fact that the romance part of this novel is almost a sub plot rather than the focus this romance reader LOVED this book about wrestling and wrestlers