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Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2 Summary ✓ 104 º ❰Ebook❯ ➡ Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2 Author Jeanne C. Stein – Anna Strong was a tough as nails bounty hunter until the night she was attacked and changed forever Now a vampire Anna discovers that her long dead A discovers that her long dead brother may have had a daughter and the girl's in serious trouble There are some very dangerous people afte. Anna Strong is still learning what it means to be a vampire and in this story she must protect a young girl who could be her dead brother's daughter as she investigates a child pornography ring with the help of Daniel Frey a shapeshifter I'm enjoying the series Anna is an interesting character at times strong and resourceful and then at others not uite able to control her vampire side and a bit lost Luckily she has people to assist her she only needs to accept their help

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Anna Strong PDF #180 Anna Strong was a tough as nails bounty hunter until the night she was attacked and changed forever Now a vampire Ann. I love Anna Strong This character is awesome She's tough brass funny and even though she's a vampire she's still has a lot of her humanity intact She makes a lot of mistakes as she's learning the ropes of her new life but that is what makes this story so interesting I'm very interested to see how she will deal with the humans in her life and how she will eventually have to either explain to them what has happened to her or if she will leave their lives completely The introduction of Frey a shape shifter notched up the love aspect a couple of levels You can easily read one of these books in a day or two They're smartly written and I'm sure you will become very fond of Anna Now I'm ready to read book 3

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Blood Drive Anna Strong Chronicles #2R her but they're about to learn that to a bounty hunter with an unnatural thirst for blood even the deadliest human predators are easy pr. This is not the follow up to The Becoming Anna Strong Chronicles 1 that I expected it's a lot better Something struck me odd about the way Stein included the detail about our heroine's dead brother in the first book and I should've realized she was planting a seed The seed no pun intended is what just may be her brother's heretofore unknown daughter Her brother's girlfriend at the time of his death appears asking for Anna's help tracking down her runaway daughter claiming it's Anna's niece Before Anna can start looking the girl's best friend turns up murdered in a grisly fashion with hints of the supernatural While looking for the girl and trying to find the murderer Anna deepens her understanding and awareness of the supernatural world that she's now a part of and is reminded that perhaps the greatest monsters are merely humanGreat pacing taught writing good action and even though I knew the identity of the bad guy at least one hundred pages before Anna did I was on the edge of my seatThe big issue that Urban Fantasy writers have to deal with his how to treat vampires at least those authors that deal with vampires Some leave them as horrid monsters most find some way of toning down the whole vicious blood drinking killer aspect Stein doesn't do that yet If Anna ends up toning down the animalistic nature of her protagonist it will be as a result of a lot of trial and error and stubborn choices she makes While I hope Anna never becomes someone that I want Ms Summers and the Scooby gang to track down I hope she doesn't turn off that aspect of her nature like a light switchI'm than a little bothered by the dynamics between Anna and her boyfriend and Anna and her partner if Stein doesn't resolve or change them soon it's really going to drag the series down But I'm inclined to give her the benefit of the doubtI don't know why I keep comparing this series to the Rachel Morgan books as I read them but I do And Anna Strong comes out looking better and better each time I do I'm really looking forward to seeing where she takes this