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Free read Ú Facets AUTHOR Walter Jon Williams ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ð [Reading] ➸ Facets ➮ Walter Jon Williams – ContentsSurfacing 1988Video Star 1986No Spot of Ground 1989Flatline 1988Side Effects 1985Witness 1986Wolf Time 1987The Bob Dylan SoluF Time The Bob Dylan Solution Dinosaurs. Good sci fi The alternate history story with Edgar Allen Poe as a Confederate general dragged a a little but everything was imaginative and engaging

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Ground Flatline Side Effects Witness Wol. Like a lot of science fiction writers Williams does his best work at shorter lengths Part of this is a conseuence of the genre SF works best at short to medium lengths despite the marketing constraints for multivolume series because the essentially SF ualities of a narrative worldbuilding inventive premise etc tend to hold together better over shorter lengths Part of this is because of the filtering process that old school SF exerted on its writers the route to publishing tended to be through small volume digests like Analog Amazing etc This route was the defining feature of Golden Age SF in a lot of waysAnd part of it is because Walter Jon Williams is really good at writing at short length There are two great stories in this collection Dinosaurs and the Wild Cards bit the only shared worlds story to win a major SF award if I'm not mistaken Most of the rest of it is good too showing a range in style and content that's impressive

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Facets AUTHOR Walter Jon WilliaContentsSurfacing Video Star No Spot of. Surfacing ★★★½ | A reclusive alcoholic scientist with violent tendencies investigates mysterious deep sea creatures on a distant planet Maybe a few too many plot hooks for a story this size but the core ideas were uite good and the setting with the glaring exception of the Kyklopes aliens seemed well realizedVideo Star ★★½ | A competently written but not particularly surprising cyberpunk heist storyNo Spot of Ground ★★★ | Alternate history where Edgar Allan Poe doesn't die in Balti but instead survives and joins the Confederate Army during the Civil War The inescapable conclusion is that if this is what would have happened we might all be better off for Poe's dying Poe includedFlatline ★★★ | Post singularity cyberpunk goodness with a slight ding for second person narration and a threadbare plot Cool scenes and characters though and a style that really reminded me of Shadowrun specifically I don't think Williams had any connection to that game outside of both being influenced by William GibsonSide Effects ★½ | Relentlessly cynical and barely sfnal crossed lives story about pharmaceuticals and slightly bent doctors Whoop de doWitness ★★★★ | Set in the Wild Cards shared universe an alternate history of superpowers and mutants starting after WW2 This is the story of one of the first aces or non mutated superpowered people and how he ended up betraying everyone he loved because of the Red Scare FunWolf Time ★★★ | Possibly set in the same universetimeline as Video Star or just using some similar setting concepts about an ex corporate soldier who gets hired for One Last Job―so very similar to Video Star This one was shorter and had some good action so it gets the edgeThe Bob Dylan Solution ★★½ | Reminiscent of some of the satires of Madison Avenue marketing firms from the Fifties see eg Pohl's Tunnel Under the World except this is drenched in Eighties colors and it's about LA record companies shaping public opinion through their artists Nothing too surprising but pretty well craftedDinosaurs ★★★★ | A weird weird existentially horrifying story about a human diplomat trying to negotiate peace with a civilization of what I imagined as three legged kangaroo shrew people Human is in air uotes because this is set eight million years in the future and humanity has evolved in monstrous ways Diplomat is in air uotes because well you'll have to read itOVERALL RATING ★★★ | Surfacing and Dinosaurs are the standout stories of this collection for me although there are several other solid offerings