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ebook ✓ Jeszcze dzień życia ä Ryszard Kapuściński Nd cruel' In his account Kapuscinski demonstrates an extraordinary capacity to describe and to explain the individual meaning of grand political abstractio A few years ago I listened in awe to an excerpt from 'Another Day of Life' on an Italian online radio focused on books As those pages revolving around a sieged Luanda were beautiful and poignant I got interested in adding up another Kapuscinski to my increasing lot Then I moved abroad and as I had read all of my Kapuscinskis in Italian translation purchasing one of his books in English didn't seem uite right Back to Italy for a stopover inbetween the UK and Poland I've finally bought the long awaited book and promptly started to read itNow that I'm done with 'Another Day of Life' I must confess that I'm slightly disappointed by it Unlike what happens in most of the reportage books by Kapuscinski here I felt like something crucial was missing clarityThe reasons and the main forces behind the Civil War following a long Independence War in Angola the great Polish reporter followed and lived in during the 1970s are to say the least blurred and confusing for the readers of today In this respect I feel very much like your average Mr Brown Kowalski Rossi here I know where Angola is I know the country used to be a Portuguese 'colony' and that was shamelessly used for centuries as a slave market I've even heard that Luanda today is one of the most expensive cities in the world with the greatest gap you can imagine between wealthy nababs and poor locals A Portuguese friend of mine told me that to many unemployed compatriots of his Angola looks like the promised land an Eldorado of easy and often dirty money This way scores of Portuguese people migrated to the former colony looking for a job they cannot find at home So much for the ups and downs of historyThis is what an average reader buying 'Another Day of Life' by Kapuscinski might already know about Angola The problem is that chances are the same Mr Brown Kowalski Rossi doesn't know anything at all about Angola between the 1960s and the 1970s That's why I would have liked explanations from dear old Ryszard concerning the purpose of and the difference between combatants belonging to MPLA UNITA FNLA and FLEC Unluckily Kapuscinsky unlike what he did when writing about say Rwanda or Iran relies too much on what his readers know about the whole bloody conflict in this bookThat's why I struggled with some parts of this book especially those in which the reporter goes to 'the front' where he meets up with Cuban soldiers dispatched to Angola by the Castro regime to give military support to one of the sides involved and faces South African forces deployed there for the same reason This criticism of mine doesn't affect the fact that Kapuscinski is always fantastic to read and that the pages about life in Luanda are magnificent and cliffhanging There is also an interesting and heartbraking insight on a supposedly minor character like the young female soldier Carlotta whose death makes the Polish reporter wonder about the foolishness of a war where there cannot ultimately be any actual winner

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read Jeszcze dzień życia epub á Paperback ´ horticulturetrader ¾ [Reading] ➼ Jeszcze dzień życia By Ryszard Kapuściński – 'This is a very personal book about being alone and lost' In 1975 Kapuscinski's employers sent him to Angola to cover the civil war that had 'This is a very personal book about being alone and lost' In 1975 Kapuscinski's employers sent him to Angola to cover the civil war that had broken out aft Review em português followed by review in EnglishEM PORTUGUÊS Situado na Angola desgarrada pela guerra nos meses prévios à declaração da independência isto é também parte da história de Portugal do imenso êxodo de meio milhão de Portugueses e dos ue lá ficaram e decidiram abraçar a nova nacionalidade E tudo com o selo característico do sempre interessante KapuścińskiIN ENGLISH Set in a chaotic and war torn Angola during the three months previous to the declaration of independence this is also part of the history of Portugal The read is easy even to those not acuainted with the specifities of that African country and full of interest

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Jeszcze dzień życiaEr independence For months he watched as Luanda and then the rest of the country collapsed into a civil war that was in the author's words 'sloppy dogged a I first read this about 25 years ago along with Ryszard Kapuściński’s other books At the time it was my favourite of his and it didn’t disappoint on re readingAs the blurb states Kapuściński described this as “a very personal book about being alone and lost” and that is part of why this book is such a moving read In 1975 he was the sole foreign correspondent of the official Polish press agency He went to Angola to cover the lead up to the country’s independence and the accompanying civil war involving the pro Soviet MPLA and two pro Western factions The book is divided into 3 main parts In the first Kapuściński describes the Portuguese exodus from Luanda and about trying to live in a city that no longer has any police doctors pharmacists firemen garbage collectors or anyone else to allow the city to function He does so with astonishing vividness In the second he describes being at the front with MPLA troops“the image of war is not communicable – not by the pen or the voice or the camera War is a reality only to those stuck in its bloody dreadful filthy insides”True enough I’m sure but I think Kapuściński gets as close to it as anyone through a series of beautifully observed individual incidents that on both readings left me in a deeply reflective mood In the third section the author is back in Luanda now post independence trying to be a journalist and make sense of a war that has expanded to include South African and Cuban troops He uses copies of his telex messages at the time to convey the drama and tension of being in a city under siege If you haven’t read Kapuściński before his books are a uniue mix of history reportage politics and some of the sharpest observation you will encounter in any non fiction The amateur reviewer that I am can’t do justice to his books I can only recommend that you read them and this one most of all