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free read Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832 Andrew Jackson ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö ❮Reading❯ ➺ Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832 Andrew Jackson ➲ Author Robert V. Remini – Jackson Kindle issues with which he was faced the nullification crisis the tragic removal of the Indians beyond the Mississippi River the mounting violence throughout the country over slavery and the tortuous efforts to win the annexation of Texa. Andrew Jackson is certainly one of the interesting presidents though I cannot forgive him for his treatment of the Indians This book part of a three volume biography covers his 1824 loss to John uincy Adams his election in 1828 and his first term in officeGiven the toxic nature of today’s politics I’m always struck by the fact that it was just as bad back in the day One passage I highlighted“Although Jackson suffered the worst of the personal abuse that so disfigured this vicious campaign John uincy Adams did not escape unscathed Democrats freuently responded to verbal filth in kind In a campaign biography of Old Hickory published by Isaac Hill of New Hampshire and entitled ‘Brief Sketch of Life Character and Services of Major General Andrew Jackson’ President Adams was accused of pimping while minister to Russia Supposedly he procured an American girl for Tsar Alexander I That Hill would publish this extraordinary story or anyone believe it is a frightful commentary on American politics in 1828 But the canard was widely believed and circulated In the west the Democrats mocked the President as ‘The Pimp of the Coalition’ whose fabulous success as a diplomat had at last been explained“Some National Republicans countered by circulating the report that ‘General Jackson’s mother was a COMMON PROSTITUTE brought to this country by British soldiers She afterward married a MULATTO MAN with whom she had several children of which number General JACKSON IS ONE’ When Old Hickory read this notice it is reported that he burst into tears“Adams was also pilloried for conducting himself like a king and implementing the doctrine that ‘the few should govern the many’ ‘We disapprove’ clucked the Democrats ‘the kingly pomp and splendor that is displayed by the present incumbent’ Other reports accused him of religious bigotry alcoholism Sabbath breaking and a string of other moral and ethical delinuencies Adams responded in the uiet of his study pouring out this bitterness and hurt in the secret pages of his diary He called his tormentors ‘skunks of party slander’”

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O has often been seen simply as a rough hewn country general Volume Two traces Jackson's senatorial career his presidential campaigns and his first administration as President The third volume covers Jackson's reelection to the presidency and the weighty. Book two was even better then book one God detail on first term Great pace Looking forward to book three

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Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832 Andrew JacksonAvailable in paperback for The Course PDFEPUB #229 the first time these three volumes represent the definitive biography of Andrew Jackson Volume One covers the role Jackson played in America's territorial expansion bringing to life a complex character wh. Part of why I enjoy the Remini trilogy is that in this book you get such an old school perspective on Jackson  In this day and age his policy on Indian Removal is seen as the climactic legacy ruining move that it deserves but why did people view him as a hero in prior eras right up until the 70's  Why was Jackson seen as such a strong executive and excellent president for so long  Should we really throw out the baby with the bathwaterThis book begins to answer those sorts of things  Remini poses Jackson as a reformer which if the analysis of Monroe is to be believed seems pretty legit  Clay's treachery in the election of 1824 is front and center and Jackson seems the only answer to his puffing  In response to an aristocratic single party machine that was unstoppable Jackson placed the course of American politics into the hands of the voters and helped expand the definition of 'voter' to white men who didn't own landI run the risk of getting into a political argument if I even start trying to explain Remini's view on the Trail of Tears or the Bank War so I'm not going to try  Just suffice it to say that if any historian has a raging boner for Jackson it's this guy