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1800 Allan Pendale lawyer and the youngest son of the Earl of Frensham is bound by ship for the West Indies to impart the news to his estranged father that his mother has died But he also has another mission to find out the truth of his originsMiss Clarissa Onslowe is also on board traveling to take up the role of governess to the daughter of the wealthy planter Mr Lemarchand There is nothing to keep her in England An indiscretion f ER HR FREE now until Mon Jan 27thCaution mf mfm mmf mm But mm interactionacts; no penetration Review copy provided by the author 2nd edition A Certain Latitude★★★★½ Christ on a cracker did NOT expect that Ms Mullany you may want to consider revising the blurb a tad bit so to better prep potential readers A certain latitude indeed madame Now I'm curious as to what the original version was like ; I started and finished this last night―or rather this morning Hot Intelligent Hot Well written w moments of unexpected humour and a concurrent storyline re slaveryslave trade Oh did I mention HOT? Suffice it to say that today I'm sleep deprived and sucking hard on my venti Caramel Macchiato w a double shot A Certain Latitude was one of those reads where I was torn between speed reading so to learn what happens now dammit and slowing down so to enjoy being transported to a different era and circumstances Wanna guess what won out in the end?Only reason I didn't round up to 5 stars is that a couple of things didn't work for me Also I felt that the ending was a bit lacking almost as if the story was cut too short view spoilerFor me an Epilogue noting how everyone fared after arriving on English soil settling in probably would've satisfied better As is I didn't get the sense of a true romantic HEA bc I still wasn't sure where Clarissa's heart was at the end hide spoiler

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Forbidden ShoresHe long sea voyage they embark on a sensual odyssey where no desire is left untested But if they thought their exploration and ecstasy could not be bettered then there are pleasures to be taken and boundaries to be broken at their island destination where “March” Lemarchand sugar king and master of seduction awaits them bothThis is a substantially revised version of Forbidden Shores 2007 published under the name of Jane Lockwood A copy of this book was purchased by me for my own enjoyment while it was free at This review was originally posted at The Romance EvangelistAlthough I am a big fan of Janet Mullany’s work in contemporary erotic romance Tell Me More Hidden Paradise this was my first experience with one of her many historical novels A Certain Latitude was originally released under a different pen name and it would have remained unread by me even at the temporary price of FREE if she hadn’t reissued it under the one I already knew and trusted I couldn’t tell you if what she refers to as “substantial revisions” made this a better book than the original but I can say that A Certain Latitude far exceeded any expectations I might have had going in and is as good as any other historical erotic romances I’ve read What made this book so enjoyable for me was what I’ve now come to expect in Janet Mullany’s work namely a plot that turns a well worn trope on its head and scenes of intimate passion which envelop not only the titular hero and heroine but also the supporting characters who enter their sphere with intentions both good and evilThe notion of “civilized” people devolving into depravity while isolated in a primitive place where the rules of polite society don’t apply is a trope less commonly found than it once was It dates back to a time when the “old skool” romances were the norm and often featured ugly racial stereotypes as a lazy shortcut in lieu of actual character development But while it’s true that the veneer of civilization began to decompose for Allan and Clarissa even before they reached their destination it’s clear that what remained was there all along irrespective of what would take place on the island It needed only the close uarters of the ship to emerge and the all too knowing encouragement of one dissolute and dominant man to be forced into full flower as they move inexorably toward their shared destinyI must emphasize most strongly that A Certain Latitude is a true erotic romance in every possible way The sexual encounters involving each of the featured characters are absolutely essential to the plot as well as those which occurred well before any of them had arrived on the island The scenes we experience as the story unfolds are explicit and unforgettable with pairings that may shock those unused to such graphic detail It’s rare to find such unflinching scenes in historicals that are written so well and in such loving detail although they do exist in the works of Kate Pearce Robin Schone Sharon Page and Maire Claremont Thanks to A Certain Latitude Janet Mullany is now a member of that elite list for me and I’ll be seeking out all her other historicals for another chance to experience that special reading joy

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ePub » mobi Forbidden Shores ´ 9781493799329 Õ Jane Lockwood Õ ❰Epub❯ ➜ Forbidden Shores Author Jane Lockwood – Horticulturetrader.co.uk 1800—Allan Pendale lawyer and the youngest son of the Earl of Frensham is bound by ship for the West Indies to impart the news to his Ive years before led to her reputation being ruined; her abolitionist family has disowned her and no gentleman would marry her now But now she seeks redemption with her family by revealing the truth about the miserable lives of the slaves who work on the sugar plantationsClarissa’s previous encounter with love has left her aroused and restless and Allan is a man for whom lust is a daily pastime; thrown together belowdecks during t This is a story that is definitely different As a historical this story gets pretty brutal when it comes to relaying the experiences of the slaves and actually puts the hero in the midst of that experience as he learns view spoiler that he is the child of a slave and therefore legally a slave himself hide spoiler